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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Window Type Houses

Window Type Houses
There are so many types and kinds of windows that we know today, the window shape has evolved from early humans to make the house until now. 
Not surprisingly, in the future will be many types of windows that appear. 
Generally associated with the selection of window types and styles of buildings located.

  1. Fixed Window, Fixed window or windows are the type of death that is not ventilated so that the window can only enter the source of light, because no air can enter the circulation of the use of this type of window you should have taken into consideration as possible.
  2. Double Hung Window is a window consisting of two leaves in a vertical stacking and operated by sliding one sash vertically.
  3. Single Hung Window is a window that has the same physical shape with Double Hung Window that distinguishes it is the only one leaf which can be in shear, Single Hung Window can only provide 50% of openings.
  4. Sliding Window, As the name implies a sliding window or sliding window in the opening and closing by means of sliding horizontally.
  5. Casement Window or swinging windows have shutters on one side linked and operated by the swing out or into. Advantages of this window is able to provide openings 100%.
  6. And Hopper awnings, window type has a similar working principle of the swinging windows only windows on the side of the hook is above or below it.
  7. French Window is the type of windows with a pair of swinging windows that also serves as an accent out. Because it has a dual function as a bedroom door is an appropriate location for the French Window because most of the openings leading into, usually the application window overlooking the garden adjacent to the bedroom.
  8. Pivoted Window is a type of window shutters can rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees in horinsontal and vertically.
  9. Jalousie Window is a window that has a horizontal length of the plates (fins) of a compact timber.
  10. Bay Window, type the name implies Bay Window window always jutted forward.
  11. Bow Window is a window type that is almost similar to the Bay Window only difference lies in the format made arched windows.
  12. Ox-Eye, is a small, circular window, a round or oval often called oeil de boeuf window also usually the application of this type of window is often seen using the elements of stained glass or colored glass.
  13. Ribbon Window, window type is always a horizontal elongated shapes such as ribbons, this window can be made without the segments of segmented or continuous presence Ribbon Window window type to be one characteristic of modern minimalist style building.
Some designs for your windows :

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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