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Monday, July 30, 2012

Carpet Handmade

Carpet Handmade
Handmade rugs are rugs that are made by hand, specifically in accordance with customer demand. This type of carpet is usually made ​​from acrilik or wool. Considering the price is usually quite expensive carpets to upper middle class. For now many mosques carpet order to use this type of carpet. other than colors and motifs to taste more tender carpet is famous because it can be set to a thickness of 3 cm.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Carpet Summer

Carpet Summer
Summer carpets including carpets hirsute, aloha carpet after this latest release has a thicker coat of aloha and softer. Original carpet has no alias plain style, but the development of a wide - range may follow the pattern of consumer demand.
These rugs are still very rare in the market because demand is high, especially from the top makes it relatively expensive carpet. For the large size of the market price could reach 4-5 million.
Carpet maintenance is fairly complicated due to the thickness of the fur so it needs room for the air-conditioned and dust allergies may be less suited to this carpet.
This type of carpet is perfect family room, private room and lounge.

Carpet Hawaii

Carpet Hawaii
Import Hawaii Rug carpet that is being sought on many consumer-grade, thick fur and shiny addition to carpet also has a color - attractive colorful. It is suitable for a family lounge and the bedroom.

Carpet Extacy

Carpet Extacy

Extacy carpet is a very famous carpet at this time, or with the term being boomimg. Most of the buyers always ask this type of carpet. What exactly is this feature of the carpet so highly sought after - looking for people?

Advertising and boredom will motifs that many rules! make this rug an option that is very much in demand. Almost all TV stations menanyangkan carpet ad is for a variety of TV shows.

Extacy carpets including carpets cutpile with about 8 mm thick. These soft rugs and almaya samira than its predecessor and has grooves on each turn of the color or line, with a nylon base material makes this rug a little bit hot, if you are already familiar with the carpet cotton fabric skin will feel itchy. Despite its many shortcomings, but the carpet is in great demand and the demand is high enough. Suitable for the middle class and young families.

Abstraction dominated the carpet motifs ini.Bagi you are already bored with this floral rug may be used as an alternative

Carpet Tile Conorous

Carpet Tile Conorous

Carpet tile is a type of office carpet tiles shaped like a standard size 50x50 cm, there are also some types that use other measures. One cardboard carpet tile consists of 20 sheets of 50x50 size carpet or 5 m2. This type is widely used carpet at the office - an office with a sense of luxury and prestige. Most of the carpet is still imported. The bottom of the carpet tile rubber coated so easy to stick on the tile. Sometimes there are some places that do not want glued together, with a reason to replace it if you get bored easily and is not a dirty tile. This type of carpet is very easy to maintain residence washed and cleaned because the color does not fade can last for many - year-old just does not get bored. When exposed to oil or oil spills stay removed or replaced with different dibersuhkan meter carpet. Disadvantages of this carpet is the standard thickness. can not be named under layer so that the room is less easy when stepped on. Despite this lack of soft rugs are sought after by foreign companies and firms - large firms because it is suitable for various environments and easy installation and durability.

Carpet Care Tile / Tiling

routine daily care and prompt action to address spills and stains will help extend the life of carpet tile. See common questions and answers below:

How often they should be cleaned?
Carpet tiles should be vacuumed daily using a powerful upright cleaner with beater brush head rotates or bar.

What is the first action that must be done in the event of spills?
Remove spills promptly as possible, then overlays the absorbent material and press it down as if blotting. The combination of capillary and the pressure will remove most of the spill and minimize the inherent color.

What about the rest of the stain?
Any remaining stains cleaned using solvent or cleaning system accordingly. Care must be taken not to use the excess solvent.

What carpet tile system should be used alongside or pojokanj?
This area should be protected by a barrier to minimize the buildup of dirt dirt.
To achieve satisfactory results, the carpet should be a minimum three-meter barrier.

How can I minimize the wear and tear on the traffic is very heavy?
mungikn use a heavy duty carpet tiles or just play them with tiles that are not subject to as much traffic. Remember that the tiles can be easily changed to keep a few extra returns from the same batch weight of the tiles must be dirty or damaged must be replaced.

Unscheduled care
The basis of planned maintenance is regular cleaning areas that have regular traffic, typically only 20-30% of the installation. As a result, planned maintenance is cost effective and maintain carpet appearance at a high standard at all times.

Required frequency and method of cleaning will be determined by product type, color, intensity of traffic and type of dirt will vary from one installation to another.
If a planned maintenance program is followed through, the need for intensive cleaning wall-to-wall may be required only once a year. When the cleaning will be determined by the cleanup contractor based on an assessment of the type of soiling, traffic frequency and location of the building.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Calligraphy Carpet

In business development, the carpet can be used for a wide - range of uses, here we show the usefulness of a rug is for Islamic calligraphy. Calligraphy can be directly attached to the wall of the mosque corresponding area of ​​the room. Usually the front wall and above the priest, or made ​​the frame so as to make a more elegant appearance. Highlighted with a fine carpet made ​​of calligraphy is widely used for gifts or souvenirs that can be mounted on the wall of course after a given frame.

Carpet Washing Tips

In order for the office carpet is always clean and the colors remain bright should the vacuum with a special vacuum cleaning system kirby carpet as often as possible (every day / 3 times a week) so that dust does not stick to cloth and even go and settle at the bottom of the fabric fibers. and every 6 months or no later than one year should be washed once in particular so that the colors remain bright and clean. to wash the sofa you do not need to be concerned and confused as we are ready to help wash the short hair office carpet, office carpet washing thick hair, washing carpets, washing carpets wall to wall. done at your / in your home and finished in 4 hours.
how to wash the carpet we use is as follows:
  • wash the sofa with foam system
  1. Washing can be done in the office carpet in the room / in the house because it dries quickly (can be dry in 1-2 hours)
  2. using a special vacuum cleaner that is Kirby cleaning system. kirby cleaning system is used to suck up dust and removing foam that is used to wash the carpet.
  3. for drying we use the vacuum cleaner 50 ltr with 2 motors wet & dry vacuum cleaner is equipped 2 fans head to see the glass so that any remaining water / foam on the carpet if necessary sofa.dan blower.
  • Wash the carpet using a vacuum extraktor
  1. Wash the carpet can be done indoors / in the house as fast drying (can be dry in 2-3 hours only)
  2. Using a special vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner that can remove extraktor shampoo and water can be sucked back straight and head will be seen from the glass when there was still some water on the carpet.
  3. also be used for vacuum drying is due to vacuum extraktor extraktor uses two fan motors are powerful enough to suck up excess water on the carpet.
  4. When it is necessary to use a blower to remove carpet cold air that can assist the drying process.
  • Wash the carpet using less water
  1. Wash the carpet done in a long time because of dryness (can be dried within 12 hours)
  2. Using a special vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner is 50 ltr with 2 motors vacuumi and will be visible from the glass head when there was still some water on carpet
  3. use a blower to dry the carpet

Comfortable carpet for Casual Events

The use of carpets provides a number of advantages, but on the other hand also requires extra care.
Carpets may still not be too popular in the community. Many people assume that installing carpet will drain the coffers. This assumption is not entirely wrong. Most good-quality rugs are available in Indonesia market are imported. There are some manufacturers that have been made here on the carpet here, such as the Golden Dragon Carpet and PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries. However, raw materials are imported, so the price falls still not too cheap.

Although often blamed as the "collector" dust, carpet actually has many advantages. The house is located in cold areas, can take advantage of the carpet to give warmth to your feet tread the floor now. Comfort your feet can also be added by installing a layer under layer (foam type) prior to carpet installation. This layer serves "bold" step on the carpet so much better. He also serves to hold moisture up to the carpet floor. In addition, the carpet will reduce the risk of slips and secure your breakables who happened to fall so as not shattered. Carpet was also a good friend for your ears. Well, how come? Able, because the carpet will reduce outside noise coming into the house.

Of the interior, the carpet is a powerful weapon to their order of their room. Color and texture of the carpet that can be used to create a variety of far-reaching effects, giving accent to the room, creating a warm and much more.

In addition, the carpet can be used to outsmart the narrow house. If you want you can experiment with to get rid of a sofa in the living room and spread a carpet. Add seat cushions matching the carpet color. The result, your living room a more spacious and talk shows became more familiar.

Variety of Materials
History of carpets started by the Egyptians 4000 years before Christ, and until now, a stretch of floor covering is still widely used and developed, both in material and workmanship techniques. In general, the carpet in the whole world is made of two main ingredients, natural fibers and artificial fibers. Natural fibers include wool, silk, hemp, linen, and coir (coconut fiber). While the synthesis of fiber include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and viscose.

Wool is the material of the oldest carpet maker. The advantages of this material is not readily apparent dog-eared (lasting longer), do not cause static electricity and non-flammable fire. Meanwhile, the materials generally used for silk carpets are made exclusively by hand (handmade). Since 1950, the carpets are made from synthetic fibers became popular. Therefore, the price of carpets made from synthetic fibers are relatively cheap compared with carpets of natural fiber. According to our informants from the Golden Dragon Carpet, the price difference between carpet wool with acrylic carpet is 30% per meter.

In addition to various terms of materials, pintalannya also have some patterns. According to Mr Chandra of PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries there are four types of carpet-making techniques, which result in different patterns. Figure 1 below shows the types of spun carpet. For this type of cut pile itself there are three types: Plush / Velvet, Saxony, and Frieze

As noted above, in order to provide good performance, carpets require extra care. Which must be diligent to do is clean it with a vacuum cleaner, at least twice a week. According to Chandra, it is absolutely necessary because in addition to preventing the carpet into a den of dust that can harm our health, the vacuum's development will make the fur rug is rapidly solidified.

For washing should be performed 3 months. If you want to do it yourself at home, buy a special shampoo carpet cleaner and do the following process. At first the carpet with water. Drizzle shampoo and brush. Furthermore carpet hung and watered until all the foam and water-borne impurities. Afterward carpet drying in the sun until dry.

With proper care, the carpet will last approximately 5 years. But if placed in a room that is often impassable in the corner or exposure to direct sunlight, then the age of carpets tend to be shorter.

New Model
Currently, the carpet industry has been developing and producing new types. You've probably seen the carpet in the form of cartoon characters or objects such as trains and cars. Well, the rug was made by printing techniques. Golden Dragon Carpet provides carpets of this kind, says that the semi-handmade production process.

Meanwhile, from a technical standpoint, PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries has worked closely with the Duppont, said that for carpets including the category of high end is equipped with a fiber that is protected from the heat and stains.

Well, if you are already madhep mantep for covering floors with carpet, and now your house is still under construction, there are tips that one can be considered. To save money, enough to get your home without installing floor tile floor. The cost of purchasing and installing tile, carpet may be compensated budget.

Accent Rug in Living Room

Are you bored with the look of the floor in your home? The solution, you can put the carpet to get around the boredom or lack in your home, because the carpet is a home accessories that have diverse motives, so it certainly makes your home look more attractive. You can put the carpet from the living room, family room or living room, bedroom or at your favorite spot in your home.

You need to consider in choosing a carpet that is in terms of color, pattern and size of the carpet. Accuracy is also required in arranging, that would be placed where the carpet is and whether the carpet matches the concept of interior and spacious room in your home. It can be your reference in laying carpet.

The carpet in the house was quite modern style as an accent is placed under a table or chair. Carpets of this type is called accent rugs or scatters the size is rather small. Even if the big one just put in the room, usually in the living room. Large carpet area rugs is called. Room with a classic interior concept is patterned rugs can be placed, such as Persian rugs are known for lively sulurnya motif.

Meanwhile, the room is a minimalist, which is more suitable to put the carpet was a plain rug with geometric motifs and patterns are simple, such as the motif of lines or boxes. For matters of color, style minimalist room decoration certainly does not demand too much color. Enough carpet basic colors (basic) and neutral that can be easily harmonized with the interior room. It is also because the concept is simple minimalist house memorable.

Being in (trend) is now the carpet with feathers rather thick and slightly long or so-called shaggy fur. To give a different touch, the color of the carpet can be a color that contrasts with the color of furniture or wall. But do not hit the color, should keep the overall color composition matching with the interior room.

The use of carpet is sensitive to dust and dirt from the carpet so that the view was beautiful eyes become even carpet can become disease. For that you also need to keep cleaning carpets like:

  1. Clean carpet on a regular basis, with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning at least once a year.
  2. Carpet cleaning, carpet cleaner to get inside and out, to hire the services of carpet cleaning, washing yourself or using a carpet cleaning carpet washing machines.
  3. If you want to clean your own carpet, spray the cleaner in one direction. Brush with a damp sponge.
  4. After drying, wipe the rest with a vacuum cleaner. Before using carpet cleaners should try on an area rug to make sure that the cleaning agent does not damage the color of the carpet.
  5. Avoid carpets from direct sunlight so the colors do not fade. If possible, cover the carpet with a cloth while the sun beating down.
  6. In order to keep fragrant carpet, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, wait for 30 minutes, then wipe with a vacuum cleaner. For a sharper fragrance, rinse the carpet with vinegar and water mixture with a ratio of 20-80.
  7. As for the stain attached to the carpet, clean the stain as soon as possible with a white cloth. The longer the stain is attached to the carpet, the more difficult to clean.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Minimalist model of 2012

Minimalist model of 2012 
Current minimalist trend not only in home design, but also has developed into a minimalist interior design. Lifestyle with high activity are required for fast-paced and practical move to make people prefer to build homes with a minimalist design concept. Trend house minimalist model is already widely popular since a few years ago and will likely remain popular until a few years.

In 2012 predicted the demand for homes with a minimalist design also remains high. Trend Minimalist house 2012 models will be increasingly promotes the concept of nature. This is influenced by the movement of earth that love has gained the sympathy and response from many quarters. So although the concept is still minimal but the elements of nature will be incorporated into the design making it look natural and not me.

Natural elements are incorporated into the 2012 minimalist home design may include the use of materials and design will be clearly visible on the interior furnishings. This can be seen from the concept of lighting that is more down to earth like the photo below:

The use of material with a natural concept could use a material timber previously yag very rarely used in homes with a minimalist design concept. If previous use of metal materials (such as stainless steel or aluminum) material the use of wood or other material so it looks finished to look like kayau many of us will encounter in the year 2012. Here are pictures home with the concept of a minimalist design that looks down to earth because of the use of wood materials:

Simple Design House Type 112

Simple Design House Type 112
Picture shown is a minimalist home design minimalist home with a plan on the first floor that looks compact and integrated with the functions of the interconnected spaces for rooms: living room, Pantry + R. Meal, complete with bathroom under tangg, and comes with maid's room with bathroom.

Caption: Image of minimalist design: floor plan first and second floors
House plans on standing in the field with a size 7 × 18 with a total floor first and second floor is 112 m2

Caption: Image of minimalist design - Exterior Perspective
Aperture field or area of ​​glass windows make this house wide enough to get the maximum sunlight sehhingga natural lighting during the day very helpful illumination in the room. Similarly, the maximum utilized the natural air by opening a window that has been designed with a wide size.

Minimalist House Floor Plan 2

Minimalist House Floor Plan 2 
A beautiful home can not be separated from the initial design of the house or commonly called the House Plan. Making a house plan can not be done by just anyone, should be an expert, because it largely determines the result of making the house itself. 
But to hire the services of an architect not a few costs, while we are constrained by financial conditions. While this does not apply to some people who have more money of course. 
Current minimalist house plans to be the most popular choice among the people of Indonesia, especially for 2-story house plans. Why two floors? yes, because the price of land is very expensive it is to have enough room house, we must build at least two floors. 
Here are some of the minimalist design of 2-story house plans:

Tips for Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Space

Tips for Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Space
You must find a way to Space Minimalism in your home. Minimalist living is not easy to style. Therefore, you need to know Tips for Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Space. Because if one decorated, the room will look cramped, cluttered and certainly unsightly.Tips for Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Space is very important. Choose furniture that is lightweight, so you can more easily move if you want to change the atmosphere or reset the arrangement for specific purposes.
Well, here's Tips for Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Space Helium was quoted as saying. Consider the following tips.

  1. Choose a sofa and chairs are sleek with a sleek design. Furniture that is not too much detail will make the room more spacious and leaves room if you want to put other items, such as a table or shelf decoration. In contrast, large furniture and too many ornaments (engraving, squiggly shapes) is not very practical in small spaces.
  2. Prioritizing the options on the main desk or dressing table that has a cabinet or drawer underneath. That will allow you to place a number of items, so no need to buy a small rack or cabinet again. Small, square table is perfect for small rooms.
  3. Instead of a closet or dresser, you should use a wall shelf to put the ornaments, ornaments or books. Besides it can be a medium to decorate the room, wall shelves also help you save space.
  4. Three-level rack with wheels under it, could be a suitable furniture to be placed in the kitchen or family room. In addition to a variety of goods can be put on it, a rack with wheels is also easy to be moved according to taste.
  5. Folding table can also be an alternative to fill your room with furniture. When not in use, you can fold and menaruhnnya against the wall. But to get a folding table as you wish, you may want to order it on the wood craftsman furniture maker or specialist.
  6. Large mirror can make the room more spacious effect. You can apply it in the living room, family room, bedroom and bathroom. Attach a large mirror in the area that became 'vocal point' of your space. For example, near the door, across the front seat or bed.
  7. Forget king size bedroom. Think again, do you really need a king size bed? If not, then you should choose a smaller bed. Another option is a sofa bed or futon (folding chair) instead of a conventional bed. Both of these beds but can be used to rest at night, can also be used as a sofa.

Well, hopefully the information on Tips for Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Space above useful to you. We wish you success managing your home. Good luck.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Unique Luxury Homes Can Walk

Unique Luxury Homes Can Walk
At a glance if you look, people will think this is a bus, but make no mistake. Apparently it is a house that can walk. Shaped just like a bus, it was a mansion.

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