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Friday, July 13, 2012

Carpet Washing Tips

In order for the office carpet is always clean and the colors remain bright should the vacuum with a special vacuum cleaning system kirby carpet as often as possible (every day / 3 times a week) so that dust does not stick to cloth and even go and settle at the bottom of the fabric fibers. and every 6 months or no later than one year should be washed once in particular so that the colors remain bright and clean. to wash the sofa you do not need to be concerned and confused as we are ready to help wash the short hair office carpet, office carpet washing thick hair, washing carpets, washing carpets wall to wall. done at your / in your home and finished in 4 hours.
how to wash the carpet we use is as follows:
  • wash the sofa with foam system
  1. Washing can be done in the office carpet in the room / in the house because it dries quickly (can be dry in 1-2 hours)
  2. using a special vacuum cleaner that is Kirby cleaning system. kirby cleaning system is used to suck up dust and removing foam that is used to wash the carpet.
  3. for drying we use the vacuum cleaner 50 ltr with 2 motors wet & dry vacuum cleaner is equipped 2 fans head to see the glass so that any remaining water / foam on the carpet if necessary sofa.dan blower.
  • Wash the carpet using a vacuum extraktor
  1. Wash the carpet can be done indoors / in the house as fast drying (can be dry in 2-3 hours only)
  2. Using a special vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner that can remove extraktor shampoo and water can be sucked back straight and head will be seen from the glass when there was still some water on the carpet.
  3. also be used for vacuum drying is due to vacuum extraktor extraktor uses two fan motors are powerful enough to suck up excess water on the carpet.
  4. When it is necessary to use a blower to remove carpet cold air that can assist the drying process.
  • Wash the carpet using less water
  1. Wash the carpet done in a long time because of dryness (can be dried within 12 hours)
  2. Using a special vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner is 50 ltr with 2 motors vacuumi and will be visible from the glass head when there was still some water on carpet
  3. use a blower to dry the carpet

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