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Friday, July 13, 2012

Comfortable carpet for Casual Events

The use of carpets provides a number of advantages, but on the other hand also requires extra care.
Carpets may still not be too popular in the community. Many people assume that installing carpet will drain the coffers. This assumption is not entirely wrong. Most good-quality rugs are available in Indonesia market are imported. There are some manufacturers that have been made here on the carpet here, such as the Golden Dragon Carpet and PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries. However, raw materials are imported, so the price falls still not too cheap.

Although often blamed as the "collector" dust, carpet actually has many advantages. The house is located in cold areas, can take advantage of the carpet to give warmth to your feet tread the floor now. Comfort your feet can also be added by installing a layer under layer (foam type) prior to carpet installation. This layer serves "bold" step on the carpet so much better. He also serves to hold moisture up to the carpet floor. In addition, the carpet will reduce the risk of slips and secure your breakables who happened to fall so as not shattered. Carpet was also a good friend for your ears. Well, how come? Able, because the carpet will reduce outside noise coming into the house.

Of the interior, the carpet is a powerful weapon to their order of their room. Color and texture of the carpet that can be used to create a variety of far-reaching effects, giving accent to the room, creating a warm and much more.

In addition, the carpet can be used to outsmart the narrow house. If you want you can experiment with to get rid of a sofa in the living room and spread a carpet. Add seat cushions matching the carpet color. The result, your living room a more spacious and talk shows became more familiar.

Variety of Materials
History of carpets started by the Egyptians 4000 years before Christ, and until now, a stretch of floor covering is still widely used and developed, both in material and workmanship techniques. In general, the carpet in the whole world is made of two main ingredients, natural fibers and artificial fibers. Natural fibers include wool, silk, hemp, linen, and coir (coconut fiber). While the synthesis of fiber include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and viscose.

Wool is the material of the oldest carpet maker. The advantages of this material is not readily apparent dog-eared (lasting longer), do not cause static electricity and non-flammable fire. Meanwhile, the materials generally used for silk carpets are made exclusively by hand (handmade). Since 1950, the carpets are made from synthetic fibers became popular. Therefore, the price of carpets made from synthetic fibers are relatively cheap compared with carpets of natural fiber. According to our informants from the Golden Dragon Carpet, the price difference between carpet wool with acrylic carpet is 30% per meter.

In addition to various terms of materials, pintalannya also have some patterns. According to Mr Chandra of PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries there are four types of carpet-making techniques, which result in different patterns. Figure 1 below shows the types of spun carpet. For this type of cut pile itself there are three types: Plush / Velvet, Saxony, and Frieze

As noted above, in order to provide good performance, carpets require extra care. Which must be diligent to do is clean it with a vacuum cleaner, at least twice a week. According to Chandra, it is absolutely necessary because in addition to preventing the carpet into a den of dust that can harm our health, the vacuum's development will make the fur rug is rapidly solidified.

For washing should be performed 3 months. If you want to do it yourself at home, buy a special shampoo carpet cleaner and do the following process. At first the carpet with water. Drizzle shampoo and brush. Furthermore carpet hung and watered until all the foam and water-borne impurities. Afterward carpet drying in the sun until dry.

With proper care, the carpet will last approximately 5 years. But if placed in a room that is often impassable in the corner or exposure to direct sunlight, then the age of carpets tend to be shorter.

New Model
Currently, the carpet industry has been developing and producing new types. You've probably seen the carpet in the form of cartoon characters or objects such as trains and cars. Well, the rug was made by printing techniques. Golden Dragon Carpet provides carpets of this kind, says that the semi-handmade production process.

Meanwhile, from a technical standpoint, PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries has worked closely with the Duppont, said that for carpets including the category of high end is equipped with a fiber that is protected from the heat and stains.

Well, if you are already madhep mantep for covering floors with carpet, and now your house is still under construction, there are tips that one can be considered. To save money, enough to get your home without installing floor tile floor. The cost of purchasing and installing tile, carpet may be compensated budget.

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