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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where to Use Bar Stools Besides the Bar

Because of their name, bar stools are usually limited to serving as seating at bars, when in reality they are perfect for many other things. Their unique height makes them an ideal addition to other rooms besides the kitchen.

Once you see what else you can do with bar stools, you’ll wonder why you went so long before taking advantage of your bar stools. Below is a list of where to use bar stools besides the bar.

Other Uses for Bar Stools:

Bedroom. Bar stools are at an excellent level to place in front of your vanity mirror. These small and fashionable stools won’t take up much room, are easy to store and are a perfect seat for a quick look in the mirror to fix your hair, apply your make-up and tie your tie to perfection. Just sit down and perfect your look before going out for the night.

Who knew bar stools were such a necessary part in getting ready for your night on the town?

Game room. By providing bar stools in your game room, you’ll encourage your guests on game nights to stay longer. Instead of trying to find a comfortable seat on the floor, you and your guests can sit comfortably on padded bar stools around a game table and play board games, card games or a friendly game of poker.

Kitchen. Installing bar stools in your kitchen will only make your life easier. Not only can they serve as extra seats at the table for unexpected dinner guests, they’ll also make terrific permanent seats for your kitchen island. Bar stools are easy to pull up when someone needs help with their homework, or for when small children want to watch or “help” with a meal.

You can also use bar stools at the kitchen island for a casual meal. A bar stool is the perfect height for use in the kitchen.

Bathroom. Bar stools are great to use in the bathroom, too, especially for families with young kids. Preparing for school picture day and other special occasions can go smoothly; all you need to do is sit your kid up on the bar stool and then work your magic. This way, your child won’t get tired of standing and you won’t have to bend over to fix his hair.

You both win when you use a bar stool.

You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional or modern bar stools. In addition to bar stools, there’s also the option of adding a swivel chair. These handy pieces of furniture are usually the same height as bar stools and work in all the same places. Many swivel chairs also come with back support, whereas bar stools do not.

Remember, just because they’re called bar stools doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to keeping them at the bar. source

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Beautiful photos. I wish all bars would look that good

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