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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gasebo Design Tips

Gazebo develop into a trend and popular in recent years as a place to relax and hold a lunch at home exterior (outdoor), especially in the park with family and relatives. There are plenty of gazebo designs to choose from according to theme, style as desired.

Then how do I choose? First of all, you must specify the location of the placement of the gazebo. Do you want the gazebo at the center of activity in the park or just hidden in one corner of the garden. You should also be aware of other buildings in your home, so it should be a consideration also its position concerning the structure of the other buildings.

Then the next thing will be a concern is how to treat the side around the gazebo, would you fill it with plants such as flowers so that further clarify the presence of the gazebo as part of the park or even on the sides around it would be a stone path as the path to the gazebo.

There are many types of materials are available ranging from wood, vinyl to aluminum. Choice of materials also must consider the overall design style of your home. Once you select a suitable material, then the next is to determine the shape of the gazebo. Can be octagonal, rectangular or oval shape roof with double or single roof. With multiple roof forms would give the impression of layered roof and more attractive. resource
example image gasebo

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