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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tips On Making A Water Garden

There is a new trend for you who enjoyed gardening is a water garden. Usually in the form of gardens with waterfalls, ponds, fountains and decorative elements that support. With the concept of good design, you can incorporate elements of rock - rock coral, reef fish and even that will further enhance the overall appearance.

There are several things you should consider before attempting to start making a garden like this in your home, find the first location that you think fits with the design concept that you want. Find the location of the most exposed to direct sunlight, as plants and fish will require adequate sunlight.

The next step when you've got the location is to determine the area to be created. The determination of this area is very dependent on the budget you have, of course, not only for the budget-making but also budget funds should be provided for maintenance because of the greater area of ​​water that your garden will certainly have an increasingly complex care needs.

Next is the determination of water plants that you want to have, there are several types of aquatic plants that need water often get coverage but there are several types of plants that can be free floating in the water. You also can choose the type of plants that will issue a scent - or your typical fragrances to choose plants that are attractive in appearance of the eye. So also with the presence of fish, can be advantageous because it can eliminate mosquito larvae in ponds, in addition to beautify your pool.

The most difficult thing is maintaining the level of water clarity, too often to give food to the fish pond will make the water turbid and of course lots of mold and mildew appears on the pool area. You can install a water filter in the pool and perform the replacement of the pool water regularly, to keep the pool water kuliatas, it will make the fish and water plants you grow more beautiful and attractive. Use of medication - drugs insect and pest killers, as far as possible be avoided because of the excessive use of it will kill the life in the pond.

With proper planning you can ensure a healthy balance between life in the pond and water garden decoration elements. You can immediately start a new hobby for gardening, which also may be one fun activity with family, is also one way to introduce a love of nature for children - your children. resource

sample pictures of water garden

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