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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Natural Bathroom Design

Especially for you lovers of nature, usually doing home design by adding a natural feel. What's more for the bathroom, because the bathroom is used to cleanse themselves and relaxation from all the busyness of everyday. 
Natural bathroom can be an alternative design that you choose. In addition to more fresh and natural, in some time you will also feel like brought to the rural atmosphere is cool. If you wish to designing a bathroom for natural shades, please note the bathroom design tips these natural shades:

  1. Give large openings in the bathroom so we could see the green trees outside the house and sunlight also may be able to irradiate the area so as not to damp bathroom. But for bukaanya be high above our heads, so bath time can not peep others.
  2. Use natural materials like natural stone or a tree branch. The rough texture of natural stone makes the bathroom area feels like in nature, to branch wood can be used as a clothes hanger.
  3. To sink, faucet, bathtub, can be chosen which design takes inspiration from nature. The equipment can be made from material in the form of organic clay.
  4. To be considered aesthetically more fresh, love the color and interior walls of the bathroom with natural colors. Use the green color that takes inspiration from the plant can be applied. Combine this with the brown ground color, and color of gray stone, to create a replica of nature.

To be more complete picture also I love the bathroom the natural shades:

To add to the freshness of the shower, apply some beautiful flowering potted plants and fragrant on the corner of the room. The choices can use artificial plants or natural plant. If you want a natural plant, place it in areas that get sunlight and stand to be in the room

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