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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Creating a Central Point (Focal Point) In Room

Dominance is one of the basic principles tatarupa that must exist in works of art and deisan. Dominance Dominance comes from the word meaning excellence. Superior properties and this will make a special element of the puller and the center of attention.
Do you like any of the corners at one room in the house? It could be caused because the angle is a dominance/focal point of your home that seemed to call everyone who passes. In the world of design, often called dominance of Interest Center, Focal Point and Eye Catcher. Dominance has several objectives, namely to attract attention, breaks up the monotony and to break the regularities.

Not only as the center of attention, the center of the room is also one of the important aesthetic element.
Focal point is the first point being viewed when entering into a room. Given this point can distract from the corners that are not unsightly in a room. That's why to be made as attractive as possible and needed a special way to determine the point like that made the center of attention, among others:

Size Large
You can specify the center point by choosing furniture that has the largest size in a room, such as bookcases, beds, sofa or window with a stretch of scenery, such as yard or garden, the beautiful.

Paintings, flowers arranged neatly, or unique and antique furniture can be a solution to determine the center of attention in a room.

Mix and match furniture
Combine a point that has been determined with furniture in the room so that point is getting people's attention. Try installing a large painting with interesting pictures on the couch. If possible, adjust the color of the sofa with painting the walls so that the colors will be more prominent. You can also try replacing the paintings with antique mirrors with carved a distinctive shape.

When you use a window overlooking a beautiful stretch of the page as a central point, you can add furniture around your window is like a beautiful antique table to attract the attention of the eye.

Play of color is the most common way to create a central point. For example, by providing a contrasting color to one part of the wall in a room. If dominance is a cream color, you can give color to dark brown or dark orange on one wall section.

Effects of Light
Add lighting techniques at a central point that has been chosen to give the impression of drama and reinforce the impression at that point. For example, by providing a spotlight on lukisa, technical lights on the walls that color contrast, behind the wooden furniture, and so on.

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