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Friday, January 6, 2012

Interior Design Living Room

Basic principles that should apply to any small-sized living room is to not put too much stuff in there. Starting from the furniture, the furniture that is not oversized, it can give a broad impression of the living room. However without the support of the other living room decor it will look boring with only a small furniture in there. The next principle in interior design small living room is by not putting items with a variety of geometric. Selecting a photo frame with a wide range of forms is not the right choice if you want to create a broader-sized living room. If a homeowner wanted to add a rug to protect the living room floor,
without motive should choose carpet with a solid color as the carpet model like this will make the room seem more spacious. How to put the furniture in the living room is small will also give the impression to the guest room. Existing furniture should be placed in a position that does not interfere with air circulation when undertaking interior design living room because it will give comfort to everyone who was in there. To avoid the impression of monotony, combines two different types of furniture that could be one way. An example is to combine a table and chairs with different materials but has a similar color.Choosing wall decorations are also important things in a minimalist living room interior design. Homeowners should avoid putting a large painting as a wall decoration because it will make the room look full. The colors are similar to other keys when going to decorate the living room to make it look more spacious than its original size. If color matching looks boring, then this can be overcome by putting a flower vase on the table is complemented by brightly colored flowers. This can give the impression refreshing about the living room. The steps that have been described that can help people overcome the confusion in the rearranged small living room. With the game of colors and shapes, then one could decorate the living room without spending much money.

Designing a Small Living Room And Comfortable

When people think about redesigning a room, then most of them will think about the money they should spend large amounts to buy new furniture. This is not entirely true because in redecorating a room, the homeowner does not always need to spend lots of money to buy new furniture. With a few simple principles like rearranging the position of furniture in a room and adding some new touches that simple, then the room will look more refreshed than ever before. In this article, readers will discover how they do not need to spend lots of money to redecorate the room in their house. In particular, this article will focus on redesigning the living room because the living room is one room that is important in every home to remember this room can give a first impression to everyone who comes to how the whole house. A common problem in designing the interior of the living room is when people are faced with the problem of the size of a small living room so it is difficult to determine a suitable touch applied there. Homeowners in this case have few options to make their living representing hospitality host and make the guests feel comfortable when being there.resource

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