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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tips for Bathroom Design

Choose a unique theme

Determine favorite interior mood you want to present it, then start making plans bathroom design of your mood. You can choose a theme from the movie or hobby that you like. If the bathroom is already made​​, decorate the bathroom with a collection of favorite items for the bathroom visually unique look and character.

Start with color selection

Color can change the mood of the room. for a small bathroom, choose a neutral color to eliminate the impression of a narrow, like white, beige to light blue. if the area is limited bathroom berplafon However the higher you can paint the ceiling with a dark solid colors to make it look lower. If the bathroom is more spacious solid play with a cool color, like navy blue, fuschia to ashes - a dark gray.

Avoid overly full display

When decorating the bathroom, remember the adage 'less is more', in order to create the impression of a clean and tidy. to keep clean and neat impression, avoid piling up of goods that are not useful. Make or take advantage of the closet shelves made ​​under washtafel to store toiletries.

Lighting is adequate space

Be sure to always make the opening just enough light to illuminate your bathroom during the day, thus saving electricity usage. This is in addition to saving energy, both also to eradicate bacteria and fungi.

environmentally friendly

Choose your bathroom that can be recycled or at least do not use hazardous chemicals. this is in addition to a healthy, also safe for long term use. resource

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