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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Minimalist Home Tips

Minimalist Home Tips

    What is interesting from a minimalist home design? Simple, Elegant. And: Other than the others. Of course other than the other, if the environment around you do not have a minimalist home. But if the entire neighborhood-style minimalism, certainly becomes uniform again.
More than just a style or model home, minimalist philosophy should reflect your life and family. If not, the concept of minimalism is not the right concept for your home.The question is: What kind of life philosophy fits with the concept of minimalism?
  1. You are more concerned with the essential, fundamental, rather than any ornaments or decorations. Other languages: take an important course, functional. If that's not important, be disposed of or removed. Its application in a minimalist design, for example in the living room: sofa, coffee table, credensa may be sufficient. Carved ornaments are not essential for a minimalist style. Home decorations such as paintings, vases of flowers, was chosen as little as possible.And placed as accents to home is not boring. But it is also not full of stuff. On the table may be a simple vase that was enough. On the wall, one of two paintings and photographs probably had more than enough.
  2. You are more concerned with quality than quantity. Slightly but quality. Applied in design means: instead of a lot of stuff, just take a minimalist design really useful and preferred. Much space is left relieved as part of the interior itself. List ceiling is not required. Moreover, the ornate carved avoided. Precisely the meeting between the ceiling and walls are made very neat take precedence.
  3. You love the cleanliness. You do not usually see the table full of food and dishes all the time. You can not let you set a kitchen full of dirty dishes. You can not let a messy bed when not in use. You are not comfortable being on a wet bathroom all the time. Applied in the design: means you want to make all the angles in the room / or at home is easy to clean. There are no hard to reach surfaces to be cleaned.

    The following photo is an example of a house and kitchen / dining room decoratedwith a minimalist style. Photo below is sourced from here.

    Do you have a home that matches a minimalist style? Try to check in the bedroom orin your living room. How many essential items that are not there? If there is a lot of photos, there are a lot of decoration, there are many souvenirs that you display, youprobably do not match the style of minimalist home.
    Check also your dinner table: do you usually leave the food and snacks on the table to eat all the time? Or, you prefer to clean the empty dinner table without a tablecloth and the only available food at meals. After lunch, all cleaned up. Hmm, maybe youhave a home match minimalist. See the photo below, a kitchen / dining room in theapartment are made with a minimalist style by our studio. resource

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