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Friday, December 2, 2011

Interior Design Modern and Minimalist Home

Interior Design Modern and Minimalist Home

    Arrange the interior of the house should be aligned with the facade of the buildingIf it seems his face wore an art decointerior arrangement also does not run away fromthat style. Similarly, to model a minimalist homeinterior designed with a matchingstyleAlthough in its applicationnot the second round wear that style.

    For the interior living room, art deco-style application that many use round ornaments, boxes, or other geometric shapes, just used as accents only. For example, only used for TV cabinets or other display cabinets.

    While other furniture, like tables and chairs, selected a simple model and finish usingcocoa brown color (dark brown). If necessary, given the black accents make it look more luxurious.

    Meanwhile, if using a minimalist concept, because everything is made ​​completely minimal, so that does not seem empty space should be given a slight accent. For example, there is a single table or chair that traditional design.

    Other accent materials could also be used, such as handicrafts items such assculpture (statue), sculpture, and other accessories are available when visiting thearea or the result of traveling abroad.

    Family room, to house art deco or minimalist model, the game would be moresuitable wear brown and wood fibers.

    In addition, too many people who love wood nyantoh, because the fiber is straight, ormahogany color is slightly reddish. While the furniture models also selected a simple,do not wear carvings and profiles.

    While in the bedroom, a bedroom wall is also advisable to use bright colors and minimalist. If given the accent, usually to the wall behind the headboard of the bed.Meanwhile, when using wallpaper, choose shades of leaves, bamboo plaiting, and so on.

    Bed model is also made ​​simple, like Japanese furniture. Made with a short straightdivan wearing leg. To that end, to make it look fancy, head-board bed need is coated with a material made from leather or corrugated timber.

    Finishing wood is wearing a dark cocoa brown or maple. Can also be woven leather is so impressive traditional. Also nice leather upholstery is used to put chairs in the room.

    While the tables and chairs in the dining room, also selected a simple model. Top table can use wood, can also wear glasses. Dining room wall ornaments, such as sandstone Yogyakarta, and mirror glass boxes (stained glass).

Then for the lighting using geometric-shaped chandelier, round, square, or a prism.

    As for dining chairs, most with high backing and material used is usually 'chenille' brown, beige or black leather (ram).

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