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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Picture Home Plan 4

Home Plan 4

01. Total Building Area = 420 m2
02. The dimensions of 20 m x 15 m
03. Consisting of Garage Building, 6 KT, KT Maid 1, 5 KM, 1 R Guest, Studio, Kitchen,Dining R, R Family, R and R Wash laundry, Garden Outdoor Ornamental

Images consist of:
01. Floor plan ground floor / upstairs
02. Picture looks forward
03. Right side view images
04. Left side view images

05. Picture looks back
06. Figure perspective
07. Foundation drawings
08. Figure pieces lengthwise
09. Cross sectional imaging

10. Beam floor plan drawing
11. Pelate foot floor plan, columns and Sloof
12. Figure structural reinforcement plate floor
13. Figure structural reinforcement columns, beams and Sloof
14. Figure structural reinforcement of practical columns, beams Sloof practical, practicalring beam

15. Reinforcement structure of the foot plate image
16. The ground floor plan drawing sanitation
17. Upper floor plan drawing sanitation
18. Floor plan ground floor roof truss
19. Roof truss drawings upstairs

20. The floor plan ground floor doors and windows
21. The floor plan upstairs doors and windows
22. Point of the floor plan ground floor lamp
23. Floor plan upstairs light point
24. Figure etail doors and windows

25. Budget Plan (RAB)
26. All were drawn using AutoCad on scale

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