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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tips Arranging Family Room

Determine themes

Rumahuni.com - "Building" family room starts from building a theme and atmosphere. This one is more personal. Can be adjusted with the function of space and needs of family members, as well as overall building area.
For example, the family room is used as a multifunctional space. In a sense, this space may have functioned well as a children's playroom. If so, choose a theme that is light, playful, bright, and tend to be modern style.

Choose and arrange furniture

This step is important to realize that the family room as expected. Given the market there are many designs, so when choosing furniture you should adjust the theme planned. For example, if you want to create ethnic-themed room, then choose the furniture that can create an atmosphere of regionalism, as ethnic design style.

Then you can arrange. "Place the desk and sofa in the middle of the living room. That way, homeowners can communicate with each other while being there. "

Decorating and accessories

Space without decor like vegetables without salt. Bland! To avoid this, the space also needs to be decorated. Decorative elements include perindahan space and the addition of accessories. decorate the room can add to the atmosphere cozy, warm, and intimate impression.

Problem walls, for example, the plain is okay "carved out": be textured or coated with natural stone. If the wall will be processed, consider the proportion and location of the wall that will be processed that. It may also simply put paintings or family photos.

Accessory space could be as a complement to the beauty and atmosphere of space. Without accessories, the space will be "empty". But to pick and place, matching the theme of space as a whole.

Do not be afraid to put accessories. That its presence does not interfere, taking into account the dimensions and number of accessories. The proper proportions, make the room cooler.

Reforming of light build an atmosphere

Another element that can beautify the space is light. Various atmosphere can be created with proper lighting. "Beautiful room more beautiful with lighting that is well". It has more to do with the atmosphere at night. In the daytime, the display room flat was impressed because the natural light that is split evenly.

Organizing light in the room did not have to be expensive and complicated. If you want a bright light evenly, install a downlight. It is useful to have a dimmer in order to set the level of light-dark. Add light points that highlight the object you want the blow-ups so that its beauty more prominent.

Facilitate the audio-video

Audio-video equipment is one of complementary facilities that can support a comfortable atmosphere in the family room. To place it, think of the beginning of the space. It concerns the existence of electrical wiring and audio. Equipment should be video-audio player is placed on one wall of the widened area. This is so that the film can be enjoyed together without a hitch. Resource

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