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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Minimalist model of 2012

Minimalist model of 2012 
Current minimalist trend not only in home design, but also has developed into a minimalist interior design. Lifestyle with high activity are required for fast-paced and practical move to make people prefer to build homes with a minimalist design concept. Trend house minimalist model is already widely popular since a few years ago and will likely remain popular until a few years.

In 2012 predicted the demand for homes with a minimalist design also remains high. Trend Minimalist house 2012 models will be increasingly promotes the concept of nature. This is influenced by the movement of earth that love has gained the sympathy and response from many quarters. So although the concept is still minimal but the elements of nature will be incorporated into the design making it look natural and not me.

Natural elements are incorporated into the 2012 minimalist home design may include the use of materials and design will be clearly visible on the interior furnishings. This can be seen from the concept of lighting that is more down to earth like the photo below:

The use of material with a natural concept could use a material timber previously yag very rarely used in homes with a minimalist design concept. If previous use of metal materials (such as stainless steel or aluminum) material the use of wood or other material so it looks finished to look like kayau many of us will encounter in the year 2012. Here are pictures home with the concept of a minimalist design that looks down to earth because of the use of wood materials:

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