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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Outlets Wood "Starbucks Coffe" the Exotic in the Netherlands

Outlets Wood "Starbucks Coffe" the Exotic in the Netherlands

Starbucks outlets, Amsterdam
AMSTERDAM-One of the Starbucks coffee franchise stores, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has a pretty unique interior design. Brought the concept of a new experience in the coffee lab, the designer Liz Muller who acts as director formed a team of local artists and craftsmen to create furniture that will be used in outlets quoted tersebut.Seperti Yosswat, Thursday (10/05/2012) approximately 35 artists and craftsmen derived to realize the concept. Interior design while maintaining the authenticity of the architecture of the building include exposed concrete and marble floors that have been around since the 1920s.

Consists of furniture made ​​of oak, antique Delft tile types, and wall covering made ​​from recycled old bike tires. In addition, furniture such as benches, tables and ceiling and is made of 1876 pieces of oak native Dutch, who cut and styled wavy. Other furniture such as various types of chairs and stools are also a result of production of the local stores.

Overall, this Starbucks look more like a theater. With vocal points on the barista counter that can be seen from across the room. There is also a small stage which made ​​the performing arts and local culture, as well as being an opportunity to showcase their talents and musical abilities of local bands.

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