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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cafe Restaurant Furniture design with a unique

Cafe Restaurant Furniture design with a unique
Furniture Design Cafe Restaurant with its unique design, wooden tables and chairs that look authentic, interior decoration and design the walls to match the design draft is created by Andrew Gorozhankina (Art Director DECOLIEU) and Yuri Ryntovta (RINTOVTDESAIN) All orders are designed to please visitors of the cafe in order to feel welcome and comfortable which in turn would invite his friends to come and come again.
This project became the winner of the International Festival of Architecture and Interior Design to 8 in the category of Public interior. Let's look further design Cafe / restaurant

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The trees on the walls look like something that I have seen in IKEA before. Even without looking at the menu, this place would entice me to go in and want to eat. Even though food should be the focus at a restaurant, the design seems to be very important as well. From the lighting to the commercial dinnerware, it all has to flow. I see that you have a facebook fan page, but do you happen to have a twitter account that I could follow?

I personally think that furniture play an important role in smartening up the look of most restaurants. Furniture could create a very inviting atmosphere making clients easily attracted to entering the place. If restaurants look exactly like all of these, then I’m pretty sure they’re going to gain lots of customers.

Gerry Bossier

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