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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Simple Design House Type 112

Simple Design House Type 112
Picture shown is a minimalist home design minimalist home with a plan on the first floor that looks compact and integrated with the functions of the interconnected spaces for rooms: living room, Pantry + R. Meal, complete with bathroom under tangg, and comes with maid's room with bathroom.

Caption: Image of minimalist design: floor plan first and second floors
House plans on standing in the field with a size 7 × 18 with a total floor first and second floor is 112 m2

Caption: Image of minimalist design - Exterior Perspective
Aperture field or area of ​​glass windows make this house wide enough to get the maximum sunlight sehhingga natural lighting during the day very helpful illumination in the room. Similarly, the maximum utilized the natural air by opening a window that has been designed with a wide size.

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