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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Design and Function Window

Design and Function Window
The window is one part of the building that has multiple functions. Not only is the function of the air vents, window also serves as a liaison to the scene outside the building. Interesting window design will enhance the visual image of a building. Wood and aluminum is the choice of material to be considered in the planning window. Another consideration is the design of shapes and sizes. Some of these considerations would have to look at the purpose and function of the window. There are three main functions of the window as follows:

Windows can provide natural light from the sun in the morning and afternoon. This can happen simply by opening the shutters or blinds on the window glass open. Natural lighting can be determined from the location, number, size, and shape of the window. In addition to window design, optimum lighting is supported by the selection of interior paint colors to reflect and distribute light from outside the building into the room. A good window design to provide adequate natural light without causing an increase temeperatur the room from the sun.

There are times when there are differences in the temperature outside and inside the room. The window serves as a way of air circulation in these conditions. Air circulation to cool the room considered when the indoor air velocity ranged from 0.1 - 0.5 meters per second. Good location and design of window openings will assist us in creating good air circulation.

A building that consists only of the massive wall would be unsightly. The presence of windows will enhance the beauty of the building, especially with the selection of a matching color of the walls and windows. Form of a tall and slender windows will show a great impression on a small building. Dynamic impression of the building can also be created from a combination of spherical shape and a box on the window. Architecture accent also arise from material selection window. Aluminum will feature modern impression, while the wood will show the impression of ethnicity.

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