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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vines for the garden

Vines for the garden
Planting is one way of greening the environment. Plants of many kinds, ranging from trees, shrubs, and vines. The latter plant has distinctive characteristics, because the growth on a surface or creeping vine fence. Because of its nature, there are some advantages that can add to its beautiful home environment. Some of them.
Some types of vines are easy to find the dollar-doalaran (Ficus pumila, Ficus repens) and Photos (Rhaphidophora celatocaulis). propagate both meetings on the wall. While the vines that can be used as roof covering, among others, Alamanda, Passiflora, or a cup of gold.
  1. The vines can grow to a meeting and become pad pergola roof coverings. Resulting in a natural shade. The temperature under a roof made of vines much cooler than the area dianungi other types of material such as tiles or polycarbonate. This is because the leaves of the plant can absorb the maximum solar heat.
  2. The vines can make green what karean limited the growth direction can be set, for example, to the top. That way, planted vines suitable for greening the dense housing and narrow berlahan. This plant is also grown as penghijau fit in tall buildings.
  3. Vines are able neyerap udar scattered dust on leaf surfaces thanks to a rough texture. Some plants even have fine hairs that create a more effective dust absorption. This makes the vines can improve indoor air quality, especially those located on the edge of the road.
  4. Reduce the heat through the walls of the building also received other benefits menajdi vines. The walls of the crawl with vines will receive less solar heat, heat karean have first absorbed by plants. That way, the room temperature becomes cooler.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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