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Monday, February 13, 2012

Setting the house tips


For architects and interior design, lighting or lighting is one of the design elements that are not as important as the design of the building itself. In addition to the lights of the room, lighting can show the value of aesthetics and atmosphere of the room, a feast for the eyes as well as the impact on the mood of the inhabitants. By adjusting the direction of the fall of light, adjust color and location of the armature light bulbs, we can create the effect of "dramatic" in accordance with the concept of the room we want.

There are two types of light sources that exist around us that is the source of natural light and artificial light sources. Source of natural light is the sun of course, we can get it for free during the day. Play of sunlight enters the house is also a technique in which the arrangement of light opening windows and doors is the path of light into the house. Building a nice afternoon light is able to optimize the building so that the light came on during the day do not need to turn on the lights so you can save energy but also the incoming light so that no excessive glare and heat into space.

While artificial light, of course, is the light created by humans with the product in the form of light. Basically created lights to illuminate the human activity at night or at a particular place is dark. As the changing times and technology more advanced and higher lifestyle, light is no longer just a tool to illuminate the activity, but the light can be designed as a creator of atmosphere. For example, bright white light will be presenting the impression of cold in the room. Meanwhile, the yellow light makes the atmosphere warmer. All can be presented according to origin.

Arrangement of light THE INTERIOR
Consideration of the arrangement of the main light is the atmosphere like what is desired. In addition, the arrangement of the light also needs to be adjusted to the style of architectural design, selection of lamp types, selection of colors and shapes of light bulbs. Basically in one room, requires a level of light (luminiousity) dim enough to be relaxing, but at the same time light enough to be able to light up our activities.

There are three types of light levels needed in the house, which is light for work, for reading and for aesthetics. Due to the nature of light in each room can be different. For example, the light in the kitchen, which is where the work or cooking, should have sufficient light and spread evenly throughout the room. In contrast to the light used in the reading room or in the bedroom. Diffuse light is not necessary, but simply on the object read only. Different with the light in the living room where we set the lighting just for aesthetics. It is also equally important is to adjust the lamp with wall paint color and furniture of the room. Therefore, the paint will change color when the lights came on at night.

Light color selection must be considered. Bercaya white light will be less precise when placed in the dining room. Because, with the bright light produced a white glowing light, can make a dish that presented a pale. However, when the dining room illuminated by a lamp emitting light yellowish white to create a dish that presented at the dinner table looking fresh and enticing flavors.

Light originating from only one point will spread in all directions. As a result, the image will also appear in all directions. Such space is certainly not as convenient. Preferably in a space large enough such as 5 x 5 m², preferably more than one light source so that incurred no shadow. Of course, to the rooms are relatively small as a foyer, put a single point of light has been pretty good.

Good light in a room is a light source not seen directly. This means that the rays or reflections are visible only through an intermediary or pendarannya frosted glass lampshades or other media that are spreading the light, while the bulbs are not visible, because the visible light source directly in a very disturbing comfort and less eye-catching because of light into very uneven light. in a room.

If we require a beam with a higher level of illumination, for example, to read, we can use special lights to read, which is a lamp with a light cover only leads to the object read. This type of lamp or table lamp can be a stand-alone lamp or wall lamp or down light type are embedded in the ceiling which of course leads to the object beam read

Minimal lighting can make eyes tired so tired eyes can make the job less than optimal results. A person can see objects in front of him because of the light received by the object is reflected through the eyes. When receiving the light, the eye organ berakomodasi through the organ of the eye called the pupil. This pupil which controls the amount of light entering the eye. The amount of light entering the eye accommodation tailored to the abilities of each person. Thus the arrangement of light is very important for the beauty and health. source

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