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Friday, February 24, 2012

Design Tips staircase

What to Look For In Appliances House Beautiful Design

Enhance your home can be a job that never ended. Area staircase, as connecting the two floors, it could be part of a set seapik possible to improve the aesthetics of the home. Here are tips for you to do the arrangement:

Form design houses stairs
Many steps can be used as design inspiration to achieve your desired aesthetic value. You can choose, be it design a straight staircase-shaped, semi-circular, spiral, or resembling the letter "U", and so forth.

Safety factor in designing the staircase
For the sake of aesthetics does not mean you just forget the safety factor. This was mainly on account of young children or elderly in your home. For this reason, the handrail or railing where absolutely necessary, especially with the side railings are also sealed to protect the child from falling when climbing stairs.

Still relevant safety and comfort, should be higher rungs of about 20-25 cm. Moreover, the catwalk stairs make your feet tired quickly so high. While for the width, at least no more than 25 cm. This is so the ladder still providing comfort for the feet when stepping.

It's good, when the number of steps a lot, you make the landing area or a temporary stopping place. This area is plural prepared to deal with so do not get tired when climbing stairs.

Stair coverings
Without reducing the aesthetic, the next steps need to be prepared is to determine the type and color cover stairs. Since the ladder into the transition area that connects the upper and lower floors, the harmonization of the overall design should be considered. The use of neutral colors would be more "secure", because it tends to fit paired with a variety of other colors, call it like white, gray, or brown.

Stair covering material
Stair covering material is very diverse, depending on the style of design you want. Usually, in order to give the impression of luxury, floors made of marble or ceramic-coated glossy floors are widely used.
However, there's nothing wrong with using a more secure because the carpet is not slippery. Meanwhile, wood motif is able to give the impression of warmth as well as thicken the natural style in the home.

Of course, there are many more stylish designs that you can apply the stairs at home. Only, all of them passed away at the housing needs, funding, and look to generate.
There's good interior design consultant contact you or your best welding shops in your town like Steel Construction with experience working on various design houses stairs according to your dreams.

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