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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bedroom design colors

Bedroom design colors
The selection of colors in the design of a room is important. Color can give an impression for the host, the color can also give an aura pengekpresian heart in a person.

In the bedroom interior design, blend two colors clearly visible, the colors yellow and white colors. The yellow color indicates the atmosphere of cheerfulness and joy, while the white color gives the impression of feminine and graceful.

Another possible way to choose the color of the bedroom is choosing colors that can enhance the quality elements / elements of your birth. As is known, the science of feng shui element grouping / birth of the human element into several parts, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Someone element / dominant element is the water may feel comfortable being in the bedroom blue (pale blue or navy blue), but the effect of color in the bedroom might be causing people to be less dynamic. Someone with the dominant element of water can improve the quality of life by adding some color to balance the elements / dominant element, for example, for wood green, red or pink for fire, yellow / orange / brown for earth, and white / silver / gold for the metal.

Choose a color for a child's bedroom may be a bit more complicated. Most parents want to use a pale color (pale) or pastel colors including a color category Yin with a view to increasing the value of the elements / element of their children, but to be remembered by the parents is this: that the child's room is a place for kids to sleep well as a place to play.

Color the child's bedroom with a dominant color or pale pastels will make your child always wants to get out of his room when outside rest / sleep, if the child is forced to stay inside the room, it will disrupt the growth or development of creative ideas of the child. Playing for children is part of the process of development, play will sharpen the intelligence and creativity.

Solutions that can be done is to combine the soft wall color (pale / pastel) room with complementary accessories (rugs, dolls, toys, desk, desk lamp, etc.) that color contrast. Another thing you can do is make a play area in the room with room partition, so kids can play while resting in his bedroom.

Some examples of color-bedroom designs :

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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