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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Design chandelier

Design chandelier
Crystal and light as created are complementary. Fully crystalline beauty will shine only when convicted of light. So even the beauty of light, can only be seen in the crystal that reflects its luster. There are two types of crystals: crystal stone or natural crystal and crystal glass.
Obtained from natural crystal stones like diamond mining. While many crystals we find now is a crystal glass factory processed. Plant growing crystals from Bohemia into Austria. Daniel Swarovski crystals to create the brand Swarovski (Austria) is one of the world's finest crystal factories.
Crystals have a characteristic shiny, clear, and transparent. "When we talk talk crystal brand. The more sparkling and clear, nice and increasingly expensive. In terms of size also affected, "said Houw Santosa, Director Plaza Crystal.

In lighting systems, crystal lamps are often added as a decorative accent to lift the impression of luxury and elegance in the room. The piece of crystal components to determine the look of a classic or a modern light. Traditional view is usually shaped piece of crystal chandeliers: chandelier with many branches.
However, the variation of the crystal is now more widespread with more contemporary lighting. Not only combined with incandescent or halogen, but also LED (light emitted diode). Thus, classical to modern style house can put the crystal chandelier to create a beautiful decorative lighting in the room. Here's his choice.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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