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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Design a tree house

Design a tree house
Tickle once when he heard or even seen any of a residential house located in an unusual location in established and populated. Tree house design is always the main attraction for certain people, because of the uniqueness of the design of this phon own home and also because of the greatness of the designer. Anything can happen in the world of architects. If you've heard from friends or look dimajalah it is true there is a dwelling that was deliberately built in places impossible built. One of them is a tree house that has a development site in the tree.

Tree house concept nests had their privileges from the standpoint of the layman, this tree house bernuansakan nest which means that the tree house will be designed in such a way as to resemble a bird nests in general, so what happens is like a giant bird's nest, but if we look more closely, this is a wiki-ordinary tree house that has a room like a bedroom, bathroom and others. The tree house like this is not the only one in the world, a tree house design has many variations and has a few concepts that can be developed, there is also one of them a tree house design concept UFO and some tree house designs that ordinary shades.
    I think this is very interesting there is a hotel that has rooms built in a tree house with the design concept tree nests. Built by Inredningsgruppen, Bertil Harström an architect who has the bright idea to make the design concept tree house like this. The design tree house was built in 2012 by architect Inredningsgruppen | Bertil Harström Number of rooms 4 rooms, two double bedrooms and two children of her own bedroom. Please for those of you perhaps want to direct booking a room or book a place, because this tree house is not only one, there are some homes that similar concepts like this.
For more details please see some pictures of the tree house designs below:

This image is the appearance of the outside when spring arrives, at first glance this looks a tree house that looks like a giant bird's nest. In sharp contrast was seen, because there are no nearby objects of this size. Perhaps this concept is also very appropriate when applied in Indonesia because many forests in Indonesia, I suppose that there are areas, there are pine forests, woods, etc. sengon.

As twilight sank visible lights on the tree house, visible from the entrance under visible light. It could be in the tree house is very dark because there is almost no light coming into the tree house.

This is the position of the child's bedroom, the mattress is in the design of a double top and bottom, adding to the impression of a minimalist in this tree house.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house. source
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