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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Design minimalist house beach

Design minimalist house beach
Southern California beach house designed by Richard Meier and his partner Michael Palladino for art collectors. It fronts the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west, and roads to the north. Modern 4280 square meter house to maximize every square inch of the site as smart and in many homes in this area of open space to create an exterior living room. This page provides a visual link between the entry roads and the surrounding sea. Common areas open to the page. The living room has double height ceiling and connect the enclosed space with deck and sea through full-height glass walls and sliding doors. Area of ​​private life that is hidden on the east side entry. Although there are many glamorous homes in Southern California design house in Richard Meier's coast to do with the more modern style than others.

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This is a great series of fences. That first one is so pretty. They are all unique in their own way!

White Picket Fences

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