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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home color design tips

Home color design tips

Minimalist model is one model home that is now much loved by most of society. With its very simple, this house can still function optimally as a resort you and your family. In some cases, such as the minimalist house paint color selection, of course, required some consideration of its own so that appropriate and in accordance with the exterior facade and interior of your home.
For that, this time I will give useful tips that can be miraculous, and you need to consider before you choose your color in a minimalist home. However this is not only applicable to models of a minimalist home, for those of you who have a modern minimalist style or the other may also apply.

  1. Paint must be in accordance with the furniture, windows, and other home accessories such as decorations. In choosing colors, you try to combine two or three colors on the furniture or the color of the walls of your home. Do not combine too much in your colors. This would be damaging impression of minimalism is reduced.
  2. Use color painting. Colors in a painting usually has a very interesting composition, such as the green color makes the room a more spacious impression, as well as yellow / red which tends to make your room look smaller. Use any of these securities according to the wishes and needs of your space.
  3. Choose a dark color and light in combination with the appropriate proportions to achieve the harmonious effect. If you want to use the wallpaper, use a motif that has a style that suits your home interior decoration.

For the exterior, you may notice a few tips on choosing colors:
  1. Choose a color that is compatible with the homes around you. In this case you are expected to give a touch of color to suit and looks blend with the environment around your home.
  2. Check the details of your paint color to a minimalist home at night and during the day. This you should know, because each color has a different effect when both day and night. Therefore you should be able to find out the differences generated during the day or night.
  3. Choose a color that blends metal materials. In a minimalist, metallic materials such as doors, windows, accessories, and certain construction on the wall must match the base color on your house. This is pretty basic and will be able to add value to your home look more attractive.

Therefore, the earlier it's good you have already set the theme and concept of your base color from the beginning. So in order to design the interior and exterior can be customized with your color basic concepts.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

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