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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tips for Choosing a chandelier

Tips for Choosing a chandelier
Crystal lamps are known as the luxurious home decoration element and expensive. Various types and forms of crystal lamps are available in the market today, making the prospective buyer should be sensitive and careful in selecting the original item. Because do not get the dream crystal chandeliers have been purchased with the exorbitant prices turned out to be a counterfeit.
For that, you want to buy a crystal chandelier, as well as a precaution against counterfeit goods.
Want to know what you need to consider, consider the following tips.

1. Pay attention to the quality of the crystals
The quality of the crystals is determined by many factors, such as crystal clarity that influenced the number of Plumbum (PbO), the Element Lead or lead contained in these crystals. Swarovski crystal in the world are manufactured in Austria have a technology that allows its 34 percent PbO content, while other manufacturers even less than 30 percent below the five percent who are many. Swarovski Daniel Swarovski created by more than one hundred years ago.

2. Quality checks include a series of frames or the frame of a secure electricity.
Lights are both concerned about security and long life, so that all products must be ensured to achieve the life of 10 to 20 years can even be passed on to the next generation.

3. Quality of design
Chandelier design is divided into, classic design, modern, elegant and contemporary. Maximum design can only be obtained with the experience and focus on detail. Chandelier in the modern era is still made by handmade even though supported by modern technology that can only be done by a reputable manufacturer that is able to invest millions of dollars to finance the plant and design development.

4. Well-known brand
After we studied the crystal quality, the quality of the frame (frame) and the quality of design, then all three are generally owned by a good brand. Such as Swarovski crystals which are the best in the world that is guaranteed for 100 years beyond the age of Bohemian crystal has reached a thousand years. Now there have also been de Versailless Chateu is a blend of both. For the best quality oriented and Swarovski crystals in terms of price to Bohemia.

5. Guarantee of Showroom
Showroom who sold it plays very important because you do not just buy a lamp, but also takes advice from specialist lighting. Be sure to get warranty service and comfort and satisfaction.

No less important is the choice of brand, design, and beautify the expected size of each room in your home, office or place of worship and hotels, as well as other commercial areas like shopping malls and entertainment venues. source

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