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Monday, February 13, 2012

Park lighting design


MAKE A Dramatic Effect

Parks can be enjoyed not only during the day but still have to be enjoyed at night. The atmosphere of the park will be more dramatic if the lights are illuminated. Garden lighting is one important element in creating a beautiful garden setting, beautiful and cool. Lamp is not just a means of illumination, but has developed into an addition to the aesthetic value.

Various forms and models can be selected as needed. Moreover, today's modern age of so many decorative lights of various shapes that can illuminate the park at night. Enjoy the park at night will give a different atmosphere especially with the number of light points so that the lights will create a unique form of light, so the atmosphere around the park became more comfortable and beautiful and good as a means of refreshing.
The selection of garden lighting should be adjusted to the concept of the park to be and have been made both in terms of its form and principle, for it other than garden lighting design factors to consider strength, durability and safety.


If the views of the form:
  1. Minimalist garden lights
  2. Contemporary garden lights
  3. Classical garden lights
  4. Modern garden lighting
If seen dr principle works:
  1. Automatic garden lights: principle works when the night lights will flash and will shut itself down if there is sunlight.
  2. Solar garden lights: lights using solar energy and electricity use.

If viewed from the material:
  1. From plastic garden lights, acrilik
  2. Of stainless steel garden lights
  3. Garden lighting from wood, bamboo, rattan
  4. Light of the concrete garden
  5. Of copper garden lights
  6. garden lamps made from aluminum
  7. Garden light of natural stone
  8. Garden lights from the bottle

Installation of garden lights not require special skills, but to design it needed to analyze and imaginative flair. If you just installed, you can hire an expert in the installation of garden lights. But if we want to design it, then we need a capable imagination.

Level of difficulty to organize garden lights located on the number of light points more than the usual three because of an enormous garden and lots of corners that need lighting. If for a small garden and do not require more than three light point is biased done alone. The most important of the arrangement of light in a small park is the choice of lighting, security, cabling installation, and determine the point you want illuminated.

The steps are Define the location of the light points. Create the installation of electrical wiring groove of the socket nearest to the location of the light points. We recommend the installation of the cable groove against the wall to minimize the possibility of exposed wires hoe or other sharp objects when maintenance or renovation of the park.

Dig the soil according to the installation of electrical wiring groove. Excavation depth of 20 cm. Cut a length of PVC pipe according to the existing flow. Paint the pipe with metal paint. Insert the cable into the pipe and planting in the ground. After that, connect the cable end into the house lights, while the other end into the socket.

• For the purpose of outdoor lighting and home use lampur with water resistant specifications. This type of incandescent or fluorescent lights can. Lights and house lights are usually tailor-made spec, so it is resistant to water splashes and therefore not easy shorting.

• The existing garden lights are low voltage (+ 12 volts) and high voltage (+ 220volt). The best choice depends on the needs. For security reasons, you should select the low voltage garden lights. This is to prevent fatal accidents if there is leakage of electrical current. Small low-voltage potential to harm the body and cause a fire.

• Use the proper cable. Choice of cable type is important because it relates to the supply voltage electrical energy. The longer the cable, the greater the chance of voltage drops. For not too large garden with a little amount of light points, fibers can be used wired or wire size 1mm2. Large garden requires a longer cable, then better use of wire cable measures 1.5 mm2.

LED garden lights do not require the installation of electrical wiring, because the LED garden lights uses solar power. Solar energy received by solar cells located on top of garden lighting, electrical energy is stored in a rechargeable battery. At the time the sun is not shining, the light sensor detects the absence of light, the LED garden light automatically turns on the use of battery power supply. LED light is used because it requires a small voltage. The batteries used are the type AA rechargeable batteries with a voltage of 1.5 V. By the end runjing LED garden lights can be plugged on the ground, and can be moved. The advantages of LED garden lights: No need for electrical wiring installation, No need for electricity resources. Electricity obtained from solar cells, can be moved around. source

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