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Friday, February 10, 2012

Design Room For Romance

Design Room For Romance
HAVE a comfortable dwelling is everyone's dream. Moreover, the arrangement according to your character as a homeowner. You will definitely feel at ease and comfortable to relax with family and loved ones at the residence.
According to interior designer Ade Lesmana, the arrangement of a dwelling indeed follow the usual character of the house. Moreover, a house with a romantic atmosphere, it would be desirable by the romantic character.

Romantic elements can be built using a variety of elements, from interior color, lighting, material, to garnish such as painting. One of the rooms that you can design more romantic is the bedroom.
This privacy room was chosen because it is the most special place for every homeowner. To make it more romantic, you can give a soft paint color and shade.
Although it looks very simple, the color of the paint may be a contributing factor in creating the impression of the room. We recommend that you change the color according to the desires of your heart.
In general, more likely berpalet romantic color pink. Only, Ade added, would be better if you do not paint the whole room the same color.
To avoid the impression of feminine, you'll be given a combination of blue, beige, green, or golden color. Apply the golden color in the bedroom will make the room a more luxurious atmosphere and romantic.
If you are still confused to begin to change the order of colors in the room, could not hurt to consult with your interior designer.
Besides the paint, the other interior materials that can support a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom is a curtain. Curtains not only serves as window coverings or obstructions from the sun, but also can be an accessory supporting the beauty of the room.
"Choose a color that matches the color of the curtain wall or window frame color. For a more romantic impression, can be highlighted from the existing motif on the curtain. Suppose the lace curtains with a flower motif, can bring out the romantic atmosphere that you want," said Ade.
There are also good you avoids the use of heavy curtains with material. You better use a material that is soft and lightweight curtains like satin.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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