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Friday, March 23, 2012

Trick Painting Walls

Trick Painting Walls
When they want to paint the walls, the first thing you should consider well the color selection. Use a color that coordinates with the wall that will function in the paint, must not only according to taste. In choosing a brand of paint, do not also just seen from the brand and price alone. Should note also the quality of the paint.

Good quality paint, usually have the scatterplot and the cap is good, easy to apply and safe for the environment. When you start to paint, avoid certain conditions, such as painted walls exposed to direct sun, the temperature of the wall surface should not be above 50 degrees Celsius, the wall surface when it is foggy or misty weather.

Some of the preparations to be done before painting, is:
  1. Clean the entire surface of the wall of dirt and make sure the conditions are not damp.
  2. Scrape all the old paint marks it flat, if necessary, clean it with sandpaper.
  3. Stir in remaining there until the nails are not visible on the surface of the wall, then cover with putty until smooth and dry.
  4. Make sure you have enough paint in the same color, so you will not have to use the lack of paint and paint with different colors.
  5. Close location to the paint from children and pets. Close also around the walls of the plastic and move the goods from the place to be in the paint.
  6. Before painting, it helps the room cleaned of dust.
  7. Try to place the paint will have adequate ventilation, but if forced, use a mask to cover nose and mouth to avoid inhaling chemicals that evaporate from the paint.
  8. Use wall putty (plamir) to seal cracks and crevices in the wall, and blend until smooth with sandpaper.
  9. Cover the floor with plastic or newspaper to the floor is not dirty, paint splash at the time of painting.

When starting the painting:
  1. First paint the ceiling, so that if there is splattered on the wall will not cause any problems.
  2. Use a roller to paint large areas quickly, then use a brush to paint every corner of the meeting of two walls.
  3. When the painting is still not good (pinto), repeat the painting once again.
  4. If there are splashes of paint that fell to the floor, should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth.
  5. Cover the paint cans tightly after completion, so the rest of the paint does not dry out
Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

Types of Floors

Types of Floors

The floor is the home base that serves to counteract soil moisture does not enter the room. There are different types of flooring material that can be applied to interior or exterior. 
The selection is usually based on the type of floor consideration of the function is also beauty. 
Based on the materials used, the material consists of several types of floors below.

Tiles PC
PC tiles made of cement material, sand, and coloring. This tile has a rectangular shape or octagonal. Of many other flooring material, tiles are among the most inexpensive and easiest installation. In the market, these tiles are available in various sizes, eg size 20 x 20 cm and 30 x 30 cm. You can choose the color as you wish, because there are a variety of stock colors are made in factories.

Granite and marble floors
Granite flooring material derived from igneous rock hard and dominant mineral quartz. This makes the mixture looks grainy look. Although the solid black granite, but the spots will still look shiny, so it looks beautiful views. Sedangkam marble floors are made of calcium carbonate mineral rocks are processed by nature in a high temperature. Marble colors and patterns are very diverse, there is a picture such as wood or stone. In the market, marble normally sold in the size or shape so the couple sheets. Granite and marble, both of which can provide freshness to your space.

Terrazzo floors
Terrazzo flooring made of a mixture of cement, terrazzo stone fragments, and sand. Before being installed, terrazzo floors need to be polished first with a polishing machine or manually. Terrazzo tiles are available in different sizes, namely 20 x 20 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 50 x 50 cm.

Floor tiles
Floor tiles are commonly used flooring. Color and design of ceramic floor there is a variety. However, this type of floor has a uniform size, which is 20 x 20 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 10 x 10 cm, and 10 x 20 cm. Before installing the floor tiles, you should first decide what type of pottery, whether for interior or exterior. Due to the design, interior and exterior tiles are usually different. Similarly tile design for bathrooms. Do not choose the wrong color and motif. Bathroom tiles are not to be installed in the living room. Before you begin installing ceramic tile floor, you need to measure the area of ​​the room, and determine the installation pattern.

Kitchen Folding

Kitchen Folding
 Kitchen set design is quite unique in that it allows moving the kitchen where we likeIn addition, we can fold it and store it in a small space
Made from a series ofsteel and plywood are coated with plastic laminateand has the size (92 x 124 x124 cm). Manufactured by Snaidero (Italy). 

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

Stainless Stell Water Tank

Stainless Stell Water Tank
Water tank with various combinations of colors and sizes and materials, today it is common and usually found our home. Especially for water customers. Usually made ​​of high places. To anticipate if the water supply off due to technical problem of clean water from taps.

In the industrial world, the popularity of stainless steel as the resistance of gerogotan metal corrosion (rust) has become common knowledge. Chromium compounds of metals with 10.5% of total kontain these compounds, also popular as a metal that has a performance that is very elegant and shiny white. Metals results of chemical compounds of iron, carbon, chromium, nickel, and manganese were tested in all fields, it has now become the basic ingredient in the production of water collection points, PROFILE TANK.

Although many commercially manufactured tank profile of the base material HDPE (high density polyethelene), which is the number 1 quality plastic pellets without mixture, but the stainless steel as a raw material tank profile chosen by the community as well as many special characters. Corrosion resistant than gerogotan or oxidation. Ensure that the water tank into a product that is hygienic and durable

Staninless steel 200 series sold in the market generally. Lainadalah series 300 series 304 type stainless steel which has the highest content. Cause corrosion of nickel-containing compounds are quite small, which is 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Profiles of plastic and stainless steel Tank is a product of technological applications of Korea. From the experiments performed, the product is superior in many ways, such as durable, beautiful, sturdy, and the color is not easily fade. It can be used to menampun water, is also useful to hold the oil. So it is suitable for domestic use, the chemical industry, food industry, fishery, and agribusiness.

Minimalist Style Home Design

Minimalist Style Home Design

Minimalist style home, the trend seems to be quite long. After many architectural experts say that in recent years, Minimalist style would be shifted towards other styles such as neo retro or the other, but apparently this time till the style is still much demand.

Minimalist house is a house with a geometric area of ​​the game, minimize the ornament, sometimes using natural rock, elements of line and field games, and coloring tend to be more daring than the Mediterranean and classic style. Major force in modern minimalist design lies in the use of geometry and material composition, hence the game on the surface of the wall are common in this style. Same thing if you make a "painting" cubism style and fill in the recesses of the field cube with different colors and materials.

But the truth is a minimalist style house is a mindset to simplify your life but still beautiful. As we know, the more advanced age, more people need the efficiency and effectiveness. Minimize maintenance is one of the objectives of this minimalist style. Many preferred the younger generation than the generation above it, because "young people" do not like complicated is a proclamation that will inevitably be realized.

Kind-kind Of Grass

Kind-kind Of Grass
Grass is the most ideal ground cover for the presence of grass on the rest of the land make building a house look more cool and beautiful. All types of grass into the family of plants called GRAMINAE.

There is a genus that comprises 600 ± 7500 species included in this family. In each type of grass varieties apparently have a still different. Even the grass has now been developed for futsal. There are two major groups, namely the hot grass and cold regions. Hot area of ​​grass grows best at temperatures of 27 ° to 35 ° C, to the best in the cold pertumbuha 15 ° C to 24 ° C.

The most popular areas of grass that is heat
a. bermuda grass (Cynodon Rich L.C.)
b. Zoysiagrass (Zoysia Willd)
c. carpetgrass (Axonopus Beauv).

Bermuda grass actually grows wild in Indonesia and is better known as grinting grass. Bermuda grass has 10 species, there is Cynodon dactylon usual and there is Cynodon hybrid magennisii. Varieties are numerous and varied, such as the Everglades, Midway Pee Dee, Royal Cape, Texturf 10, Tifdwarf, Tiffine, Tiffgreen, Tiflawn, Tifway, and U-3.

Tifway, Tiffine, Tifgreen and Tifdwarf very popular in Indonesia. The fourth variety is a hybrid derivative of the first (F1) between C. dactylon with C transvaalensis. These four varieties are propagated vegetatively by stolon, not the seed. C. dactylon varieties that can be propagated by seed and commercially available in the market is Guymon, New Mex Sahara, Sonesta, Cheyene, Sundevil. and Arizona Common.

There are five species of Zoysia grass, but three are widely used for landscaping, especially for golf courses. Is the famous Japanese grass (Zoysia japonica) and Manila grass or grass howl (Zoysia matrella). This species is distinguished by the speed of growth, texture and tolerance grow at low temperatures. Japanese grass grows slowly, is textured and tolerant of low temperatures. The most widely grown varieties are Meyer. Emerald varieties are the result of matings between Z japonica with Z. Tenuifolia very tight, dark green and form a beautiful carpet.

This grass has about 70 species, but only two are widely used Axonopus compressus and Axonopus affinis. This grass species such as elephant grass, elephant grass and elephant grass mini mini varigata. This grass is coarse textured, low growing, light green, and adapt to the tropical climate.
While the popular grass for cold regions such as
a. Fescuegrass (Festuca L),
b. bluegrass (Poa L.)
c. Bentgrass (Agrotis L).

This type of grass has about 100 species or species within the genus Festuca and there are six types of commonly used, especially for golf courses in cold climate countries.

This grass species has more than 200 species. Commonly planted Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) and Canada Bluegrass (Poa compressus). Characteristic of this grass is the tip of the leaves are shaped like a boat and there are bright lines parallel to both sides of the central leaf veins. This variety of grass varieties such as Brunswick, A-34 and Baron. The difference in color, texture, density, tolerance to short pruning, resistance to pests and diseases, and other parameters. In the temperate regions / cold or in tropical highlands, is widely grown grass for athletic fields, parks and golf courses (except green), including for futsal grass.

These grasses possess more than 125 species spread in the countries of temperate and tropical highlands. Commonly used for golf courses such as creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris, A. stolonifera). This species is finely textured. American varieties are popular in Washington (C-50), Toronto (C-15) and Seaside. This grass is propagated vegetatively tend to be more uniform appearance.

Taking Care Carpet Tips

Taking Care Carpet Tips
Carpet is often used by people to beautify a room. Usually the room is carpeted too impressed warm and comfortable. But if not treated, the carpet becomes quickly dull and not pretty anymore. Worse, the carpet is not cleaned often a hotbed of germs and mites cause allergies. Already, the smell of stale anyway.

The following are ways to carpet care for beautiful-looking, clean and not quickly broken apart using a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) to clean the carpets at least 3 times a week.

Carpet is washed using a special soap for carpets at least 6 months. If felt too heavy to wash yourself, you can put the carpet into the laundry. The cost is not how expensive, around 50,000 for a medium sized carpet.

That is, turn the rug so that part is often trampled or skipped one can change positions. Note the location of windows and the sunlight coming into the room. Carpet color will fade quickly if exposed to direct sunlight. To fix this, change the carpet 2-3 months. This can also be overcome by closing the window or lower vitrage.

Musty smell in the carpet can be solved with a little baking soda sprinkled on the carpet. Wait 30 minutes, and then cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. To cope with a sharper smell, wash the part that smells of vinegar mixed with 20 parts to 80 parts water. Use a clean cloth moistened with vinegar water solution earlier. Not recommended rubbing it with a brush. Odor stains should be cleaned. The longer the stain is attached, the more difficult to clean.

When the newly installed carpet or floor is created, a sort of floating dust. When inhaled, this dust can cause irritation of eyes, itchy throat, and even dizziness in some people. Although, until now unclear whether the dust is harmful to health or not, but the effect is really mengganggu.Untuk overcome, before the carpet is sent to our home, ask the carpet store to clean / vacuuming the carpet.

When installing carpet, especially carpet fitted coat the entire floor of the room, keep the ventilation in the room was really good. If you need to open all doors and windows. Once the carpet is installed, you should not use the room for at least 72 hours.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

Treating Wood Floor

Treating Wood Floor
Wood floors are commonly used as an alternative to the use of floor tiles. 
Looks beautiful and memorable warm, it's just wood floors need more extra care than the ceramic floor. 

Here are simple tips for caring for wood floors :
  1. Clean the wood floor using a soft broom made of feathers or sulah.
  2. Use a soft brush on your vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching the floor. Clean the floor with a vacuum of 1 or 2 times a week.
  3. Avoid wood floors from water that is its greatest enemy. Wood floors exposed to water can be cleaned with a soft towel, then dry completely.
  4. When cleaning, use a cloth that is dry. Water from a damp cloth to seep into the pores of the wood floor damage.
  5. Carpet may be an alternative to covering wood floors, especially on the most frequently traveled. But choose a carpet with a non-skid coating that is not easily displaced.
  6. Frequently this area rug with a vacuum so the dust does not fall through the fibers of the carpet and wood littered the floor.
  7. But avoid wearing heavy shoes or high heels on your hardwood floors. In addition to causing scratches, some heels can also result in the grooves on the wood floor.
  8. Never drag furniture on your wood floor. Use a soft base such as cloth or towel on the bottom of the furniture when they want to move it to avoid scratches on your hardwood floors.
  9. Use doormats at each access in and out of the room to reduce the impurities carried by the shoe.
  10. Make sure you follow the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer to remove scratches on hardwood floors. If there is damage caused by water, are likely to be very difficult to fix.
  11. Some types of wood flooring may require or pengkilapan floor waxing process regularly. Get the manufacturer's recommendations on this and other wood floor care in particular.

Tips Clean the floor with Natural Ingredients

Tips Clean the floor with Natural Ingredients

Some of you may be so careful in selecting the chemicals to clean floors. The following natural ingredients, it may be able to answer your vigilance.

Lemon fruit
With the aroma of fresh fruit can be used to clean the floors of your home, especially from the marble floors. Acid content in these fruits is a natural substance that can kill germs.
The trick, squeeze lemon and add a little salt, then dip a cloth into this solution. Then, rub it on the floor and then rinse with water.

baking soda
In addition to reducing the odor is less pleasant room, baking soda can clean the dirt crusty. Sprinkle the ingredients of this cake maker to the tiled floor, let stand a few moments, then rub with a cloth while.

Complementary liquid flavor is also useful for cleaning the floor of your home is dull, remove the crust or mold. To use, pour the vinegar onto the surface of the floor, then let stand for several minutes and wipe with a clean mop up. You can mop up once again with clean water to remove the smell of vinegar.

coconut pulp
Finished with grated coconut is called coconut milk coconut pulp is taken it can be used to clean and brighten the house floor. Disinfectants contain coconut pulp to eradicate germs.
How, to prepare coconut pulp and mixed with lime juice, then rub it onto the floor. Rub the pulp in stages, so that the benefits can be felt more evenly.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

Overcome Seepage from Bathroom Ceiling

Overcome Seepage from Bathroom Ceiling
When on the top floor of your house has a bathroom, sometimes looks like ompol spots on the ceiling. This scene certainly made uncomfortable.
There are a few tips that maybe you can apply to the following address:
Note the slope of the floor so that water can flow down the drain very well. If not, water will pool and damaging the grout, further damaging the stucco on the bottom floor. If left unchecked, this will cause leaks in the ceiling.
To prevent leaking and seeped, use waterproofing of two components consisting of powder and liquid. The steps include;

  • Disassemble and clean the bathroom floor of the dry mortar fragments
  • Combine the two component waterproofing to be a "pasta".
  • Brush waterproofing by brush vertically direction to all areas, including around the floor drain
  • Wait a moment until the waterproofing is dry, then brush the second layer with the horizontal direction and should not be exposed to water for 24 hours.
  • The next day, brush the instant mortar mixed according to the rules by using Roskam toothed. Do not forget, consider the slope of the floor.
  • Install a new tile, and then let the pressure with a rubber mallet.
  • Wait at least three weeks to dry mixture, then cover the grout with a grout filler material.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dining Room Decorating

Dining Room Decorating
A house was in extremely critical of the Dining Room. Because we often encounter a lot of rarely used dining room, eat more often instead of the room nonton.maka of it you should be able to anticipate your dining room will not be disturbed so that communication patterns are ideal then you must make your home Dining Room Set, it is good to you change it.

The Dining Room Interior Design Tips, are:
  1. Identify the Designated Area
  2. Buy a rack or wall section artwork or painting a vacant room.
  3. The addition of carpet with matching dining room wall
  4. Bright lighting
  5. Buffet food storage

The following example of Figure Decorative Dining Room

Models minimalist fence

Models minimalist fence
On most models minimalist fence lines and vertical lines horizontal.meskipun this game can still look sweet. The main consideration in making the home is the security fence. Often we find Fence Houses as high as it reflects a psychological condition in ojektif House is once again a sense of security. But the higher the fence the beauty of the crowd began dilupakan.Sebagian also wanted a house with no fence so that sunlight can enter the house a lot in terms of security but less.
Fence is very beautiful to the eye if matched to the shape of the house, if you have a large and terraced houses as well as further highlight the impression of an antique or a variable length do not use a minimalist fence because it does not conform to the shape of your home. As for tips on why we use a Fence minimalist, namely:

  1. The selection of fencing material
  2. Proportion, shape and color of the fence
  3. The distance to the fence, the size of the land and buildings
  4. The style and shape of the house

The following example of minimalist design of fences, you can use for your home.

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