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Friday, March 23, 2012

Taking Care Carpet Tips

Taking Care Carpet Tips
Carpet is often used by people to beautify a room. Usually the room is carpeted too impressed warm and comfortable. But if not treated, the carpet becomes quickly dull and not pretty anymore. Worse, the carpet is not cleaned often a hotbed of germs and mites cause allergies. Already, the smell of stale anyway.

The following are ways to carpet care for beautiful-looking, clean and not quickly broken apart using a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) to clean the carpets at least 3 times a week.

Carpet is washed using a special soap for carpets at least 6 months. If felt too heavy to wash yourself, you can put the carpet into the laundry. The cost is not how expensive, around 50,000 for a medium sized carpet.

That is, turn the rug so that part is often trampled or skipped one can change positions. Note the location of windows and the sunlight coming into the room. Carpet color will fade quickly if exposed to direct sunlight. To fix this, change the carpet 2-3 months. This can also be overcome by closing the window or lower vitrage.

Musty smell in the carpet can be solved with a little baking soda sprinkled on the carpet. Wait 30 minutes, and then cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. To cope with a sharper smell, wash the part that smells of vinegar mixed with 20 parts to 80 parts water. Use a clean cloth moistened with vinegar water solution earlier. Not recommended rubbing it with a brush. Odor stains should be cleaned. The longer the stain is attached, the more difficult to clean.

When the newly installed carpet or floor is created, a sort of floating dust. When inhaled, this dust can cause irritation of eyes, itchy throat, and even dizziness in some people. Although, until now unclear whether the dust is harmful to health or not, but the effect is really mengganggu.Untuk overcome, before the carpet is sent to our home, ask the carpet store to clean / vacuuming the carpet.

When installing carpet, especially carpet fitted coat the entire floor of the room, keep the ventilation in the room was really good. If you need to open all doors and windows. Once the carpet is installed, you should not use the room for at least 72 hours.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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