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Friday, March 16, 2012

The selection of paint colors Tips for Living

The selection of paint colors Tips for Living
Maybe you are again trying to work especial try your room to become an interior design that have a high aesthetic, it helps us pay attention to tips that may be a bit simple and an inspiration for those of you who try to innovate more.

Here are our tips on designing the interior of a spacious living room and fresh:

  1. A. Use a soft paint color, eg, bone white, beige, so your room a bright and spacious. the use of soft colors to put forward this modern minimalist interior aesthetics.
  2. The use of models of light-light furniture is furniture that is small and sleek that your room does not look fully resulting in your room look wider.
  3. To add a room look cool does not hurt us use soft colors and striped wallpapers, wallpapers garis.Dengan touch will add to the aesthetics of your room but also to make more value for your home.
  4. For now more widespread use of granite floor ... maybe NGK we use it because it hurt to see a nice shape and strength than ceramic and granite is great for homes with modern minimalist concept.
  5. Finishing furniture bright colors arranged, for example, red and bright white walls with color combined spinal / kreem will make the room look luxurious and elegant.

A few brief explanations of and hopefully we can help inspire your ideas in arranging the room.

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