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Friday, March 23, 2012

Minimalist Style Home Design

Minimalist Style Home Design

Minimalist style home, the trend seems to be quite long. After many architectural experts say that in recent years, Minimalist style would be shifted towards other styles such as neo retro or the other, but apparently this time till the style is still much demand.

Minimalist house is a house with a geometric area of ​​the game, minimize the ornament, sometimes using natural rock, elements of line and field games, and coloring tend to be more daring than the Mediterranean and classic style. Major force in modern minimalist design lies in the use of geometry and material composition, hence the game on the surface of the wall are common in this style. Same thing if you make a "painting" cubism style and fill in the recesses of the field cube with different colors and materials.

But the truth is a minimalist style house is a mindset to simplify your life but still beautiful. As we know, the more advanced age, more people need the efficiency and effectiveness. Minimize maintenance is one of the objectives of this minimalist style. Many preferred the younger generation than the generation above it, because "young people" do not like complicated is a proclamation that will inevitably be realized.

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