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Friday, March 16, 2012

Minimalist Interior Design Concepts

Minimalist Interior Design Concepts
In determining the design of the room of course we would covet our bedroom comfortable room and great for interior aesthetics and design. In this discussion we present the design of a bedroom located in the City of Sampit. Basic use of the room above us using the basic color beige or white bones and the room they will measure is 4 x 6 and have climbed to the top of the workspace is also room inside the bedroom.

Property enter the workspace be a solution for those of you who are busy in routine work so there is no harm in arranging the room is simple and convenient to be occupied, the following tips for those of you who may be the best solution:
  1. Use a weight that is too small, but not much furniture.
  2. Use paint colors that are simple and elegant, soft colors, such as bone white or cream
  3. There is no harm in use wallpaper to your room.
  4. Use the selection of Soft and patterned ceramics, thereby match the wall.
  5. The use of downlights into a solution for those of you who like the dim light, it looks fancy redeeming blend of white and yellow light, yellow light above the bedroom and the white light in the workspace

Thus an explanation and a brief description of us and hopefully can be useful to plan your room Bagis your room more beautiful and comfortable.

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