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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wood Flooring Ceramic Design Applications Beautiful To Your House

Wood Flooring Ceramic Design Applications Beautiful To Your House
Everyone always wants his home to look different with others, be it external design and appearance of it. There are many ways to create it, and one of them is a special design floor. Could with the material selection, can also by applied patterns. It all depends on what the desired impression.

To give an impression of warm and naturally often chosen wood flooring design. The presence of ceramic flooring wood design gives comfort for its users because the floor tiles are very easy to maintain, have high durability and anti-termite. Ceramic floors wood design now comes with a wide range of variants of motifs and colors that can be customized in a style carried by a house.

For the minimalist style home, wood design ceramic floor applications can still be used. Choose the design that has a simple motif with wood fibers are not very visible and has a smooth surface. Minimalist style home should use a light wood color.

While for ethnic-style house, we can choose a ceramic tile floor design a stylish wooden Bali, Thailand or Japan which will further thicken the ethnic style. Choosing colors for the floor can choose the color to make it look older in harmony with other ethnic ornaments.

While for country-style house, choose a tile with a wood motif fibers have a more powerful and clear. To reinforce the country style applied with natural colors.

Things to remember in the application of ceramic tile floor patterns that avoid mixing the two wood motif or two colors at once in one field of application because it can negate the aesthetics of the room. Room as a whole would seem too crowded.

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