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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color Design for Ceramic Kitchen Floor

Color Design for Ceramic Kitchen Floor
Not all types of ceramic kitchen put it right in your home, a beautiful ceramic is placed in the living room is not necessarily good for the home kitchen.
Kitchen floor tiles to the right is one that has easy maintenance criteria, because in our kitchen often back and forth so it is not good if you wear slippery like ceramic tiles for the living room for example.
Types of ceramics for floors are usually divided into three kinds, namely plain, embossed ceramic which has an uneven texture, and decorative with a view that has its own style. "This type of ceramics" on which course you know who could be selected to create the look of your kitchen safe and clean look.
Here are some suggestions for choosing a kitchen floor tiles to match:
  1. Choose a tile for a kitchen that is not slippery, should be different from the other room floor.
  2. Choose a color for the kitchen light kemarik dirt easy to invisibility.
  3. If you like the dark color of ceramics, such as brown or black, combined well installations between darkness and light, so that the impression it still feels light.
  4. In order to impress the field, you can design the installation of the kitchen floor in menyerong.
  5. Finally, choose tiles are easy to clean.

Here's an example design of a kitchen floor that could be an option for your home kitchen.

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