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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tips on choosing tile home

Tips on choosing tile home
Roof like a crown, the roof will also give the impression of a home, whether viewed from an aesthetic point of view and from the point of social strata. Because the roof will provide a good impression at first glance the concept of the house and the grandeur of a house, when a house using roof coverings with a minimalist form as the flat tile concept of minimalist impression that imaged by the owner of the house will be represented of course this is supported also by roof design or model of the roof itself.

if a house was shaded by a roof tile with a model soil / ceramic with dark colors it will give the impression of a majestic classic, combined with the model of the roof with a bunch shape, the impression would be represented much less luxurious price of ceramic tile is glazed with dark like dark brown warna2 , maroon and Tosca does have doubled the price of standard colors or natural.

Regardless of your taste and imaging of the roof that shaded our house, there are things more important in the determination to choose the type and model of the roof, it depends also from the model, the slope angle and location of the house itself.

There are a few tips that may be useful to select the type of roofing that we will use, tips are:

  1. Select the roof covering (tiles) in accordance with the design concept of our house in order to support the aesthetic function.
  2. Determine the angle of 30 degrees, which is the tilt angle is suggested by all the spec tile, if it should be less than 30 degrees because of circumstances not likely you should select the cover of metal (metal roof) which can guarantee the security of tampias on sloping angle.
  3. Select the appropriate size of the tile, you should select a small tile for a small house.
  4. Pilihlang tile that has a good close to home which is located in the region with high rainfall. who do not use a minimal tutp helpless, like tile because it will be at risk tampias Plentong.
  5. Choose a tile that has a complete combustion (especially tile soil / ceramic) by tapping the surface of the tile if the tile indicates the tinkling sound has gone through more complete combustion.
  6. Book a tile with an additional 2% or 5% of replacement due to the need to avoid damage due to installation and reserve the rest for later.
  7. Note pemasngan wuwungan (nok) because leakage is often originated from the area. advised to use the flashing (lapping tile) between peak and tile underneath this way effectively to prevent seeped in pairs nok
Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

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