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Friday, May 18, 2012

Computer Desk innovative

Computer Desk innovative
A table design combined with the bookcase was designed by MisoSoup. With a simple form of visually and structurally, the shape of wooden computer desk is designed to be smooth and curved wall hangings are also

Saves Space
Such as shelves or other storage place, the furniture is designed so that users can sit flat on the surface of the wall so that fits in any work either in the bedroom, living room or office room is limited. However, it is not easy to get a long wood and then bend-bend as shown. Perhaps it could also make it a part.

This design is perfect for those of you who have a small space. Place the keyboard could be put under the table monitor and seat can also be put under the table when not in use. User's head above the bookcase, designed not so menonkol from hitting the user. source

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