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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautify Your Home With the Garden Fish Pond

Beautify Your Home With the Garden Fish Pond
Minimalist home. Park is located in front of the house which is part of the house who was first to welcome guests. The interface needs to be organized neatly in line with the character of the occupants.
Reforming the concept of a minimalist home park is not just only about the plants. There can express with other elements. Like water for example. You can add a garden pond in front of your house.
Swimming is not just simply add to the beauty of a garden pond, but also affect the comfort of air. The existence of the pool to raise the humidity around it so that the air tends to be cooler.
Customize the form of swimming with your building style. If the building is likely to Ruman minimalist, make a garden with a minimalist style, too. Pretty box with natural stone finishing. To better your life can add a water fountain there.

Which produces the sound of gurgling water brings comfortable and homey atmosphere in your home. Choose several koi fish with interesting colors to diketakkan in the pond. In addition we pamper with the colors, koi fish also provide an element of life in the pond.
The atmosphere of the park in front of the cozy house which is certainly not only appeal to guests who come, but it also makes you stand for long on the front porch of your own home. Put a pair of wicker chairs minimalist style.
Add bearing on the stand. And the front porch of your house can become a favorite place in the time relaxing reading the newspaper while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

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