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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Unique Pillows and Comfort Design

Unique Pillows and Comfort Design

Animal Pillow : Created by Aaron Stewart and Hornet Toys, comfortable pillow design features PillowPillowPillow doggies bow-wow-beautiful and snuggle-worthy kitties purrrfectly.

Pillows Dinosaur Bones : Life-sized replicas of real dinosaur bones made from soft rubber-coated foam.
Boombox Pillows : Back to the future with the uber 80's boombox pillow, 100% cotton.
Pillow Twitter : Calculate your followers and catch some Z, and when you wake up, and re-tweet tweet about how this is actually a stone pillow.
Stick Laptop Pillow : Built in a model of a pile of logs or beams, Log Laptop Pillow act as the primary stacked structure to support the computer and provide adequate comfort.
Adobe Icon Pillows : Now designers can rest their heads in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, InDesign or Dreamweaver pillow.
IPod Speaker Pillows Fruit : These speakers are not only luxurious pieces you play, they provide a great place to take a nap while you listen.
Nintendo WII Controller Pillow : Can not get enough of your Nintendo Wii? Now you can take it to bed with you, thanks to this giant plush pillow Wiimote. Now you can take it to bed with you, thanks to the Wiimote is a giant plush pillow
Pillow Fireside : Creative pillows made from 100% natural cotton and has a design printed on both sides.
Light cushion Hughabble : Innovative combination of ambient lighting and a pillow: great conversation piece or sunshine alternative during the winter months are dark.
Darth Vader Pillow : Joining the dark side with Darth Vader awesome pillow.
Tetris pillows : Brick puzzle this cuddly game inspired by the famous
Pillow Remote : With clever and contemporary pillow that comes with embroidered "labeled" pocket for remote control, you'll always know where your favorite gadget.
Pirate Skull Pillow : Shiver wood you are no more because this is a big skull and crossbones pillow is so soft and cuddly that you will forget all thoughts of evil pirates and fell into a dream world of Peter Pan instead.
NES Controller Pillow : Stylish pillow was inspired by the famous NES controller.
Pillow Ctrl + Alt + Del : Reboot your living room with three sets of pillows. Light gray pillows look as if they've jumped right off your keyboard. Light gray pillows look as if they had jumped directly from your keyboard.
Laptop Pillow : Nothing beats a laptop that lets you sleep on without getting keyboard marks all over your face.

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