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Friday, May 18, 2012

Tip choosing a computer desk for kids

Tip choosing a computer desk for kids 
As computer technology advances in media made for children to learn how to organize children's learning space equipped with computers in it the following table a little tip from us.
The existence of the right computer desk in a child's learning a lot can affect their enthusiasm for learning. Here are some tips for organizing and choosing your child's computer desk.
  1. Choose a computer desk with a size corresponding to the size of the room. Note also lay outnya with other furniture. Avoid laying the table computer that actually makes a memorable narrow room, so it is not convenient to place a child's learning.
  2. Choose a material with good quality for durability.
  3. If made of wood (solid wood furniture or wood, etc.), clean from dust and dirt every day. If exposed to water immediately wiped. For if not treated immediately will cause the finish to fade.
  4. Computer desk should be placed near a window or getting enough direct sunlight, so as not to require lighting the lamp at noon.
  5. Carefully lay the computer desk. Do not let the light back to the room so that the shadow does not cover the table. This causes the eyes become tired quickly.
  6. Study lamp should be placed where the light directly on the object so the object will look clear and not cause the eyes tired.
  7. If the child is left-handed, you should learn to put lights on the right. Place the lamp on the left if the child is not left-handed. It is intended to avoid the occurrence of shadows that can interfere with learning activities.
  8. Choose the type of lamp that suits your needs and has adequate light. Usually there are examples in the sale and purchase of furniture like this. Light bulb (tungsten) or incandescent lamps good for learning because the light is steady. However, because the yellow light causes less eye to see clearly in the colors. Fluorescent light was (fluoresence), good to see the colors because the white light as day light. Good place to sell furniture will usually provide this. But the weakness of this type of lamp is the light blinking frequently to be able to interfere with the learning activities.
  9. Choose a computer desk with an ergonomic size and height, according to the physical size of the child. Consider the convenience and safety factors, such as a soft material for the seat and seat back. It is very important to prevent fatigue, dizziness and fatigue.
  10. Also the possibility of child development so that the computer desk can be used in a long time (about 5-6 years old).
  11. can find a computer desk that has a second height for supportin. Look carefully at the height of leg braces, do not let your child's feet should be hanged. This will make the child uncomfortable and comfortable to linger at the table under on computer learning.
  12. adjustable seats, height adjustable. In addition to convenience can also follow the development of children.
  13. attractive furniture designs (in terms of both shape and color), do not be too stiff or formal. For example using bright colors or favorite colors so that children will be more motivated.
  14. place computer devices, such as monitor, pc, and other accessory with a neat, unobtrusive and safe for the child when the computer.

so a little tip from me, the picture in this post the original design of our products, we will help you design and make to order. Thank you.

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