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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tile and home interiors

Tile and home interiors
Ceramics became an important part in the world of interior design of our homes. Ceramic coatings are not just as a protective wall or floor, but more than it serves as a decorative ceramic art for the occupants of the house. Ceramic models also can bring a different atmosphere for you. As for some choice of ceramics by Anne Ahira models are:
  1. Patterned Model: a model with a blend of ancient and modern
  2. Glazed Model: commonly used in bathrooms
  3. Mosaic Model: usually contain pictures and ornaments, so as to give a full impression. If affixed to the walls of the building will seem bright.
  4. Natural Model: usually applied to the buildings of classical and ethnic nuances. With a choice of ceramic colors tend to the elderly. The impression created is an elite, unique and cool.
  5. Minimalist model: usually form, style and simple motive. But has a nice texture and quality. This model is more loved in the world of modern architecture.

Glazed-style tiles in the bathroom

with ornate ceramic bathroom more attractive and elegant

Tiles on the wall is a type of ceramic mozaic

Natural-style ceramics suited to create the classic feel of the interior

Ceramics with a minimalist style in kitchen room

So make sure you choose the right ceramic models. Good luck.

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