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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tips on buying a house roof

Tips on buying a house roof
Have an ideal home is the dream of everyone. Ideal here, of course, must include all sides, including the roof. Before deciding what tiles are suitable for your home, always know the types of tiles on the market.

Ceramic tiles
Genting is indeed interesting. Glazed looks shiny, so free from moss. Color variations are quite numerous and quite loud and strong when stepped on.

Genting Plentong
Made of clay base material and then burnt, tiles are ideal if you want a natural atmosphere for your home. Genting is not diglazur. Therefore, although strong, is vulnerable to precarious types of moss. These tiles are very suitable for country-style house.

Advice before using: provide anti-mildew coating first.

Genting metal
This type of lightweight roof tiles and a large selection of colors is quite follow the trend. But this precarious thin. Therefore, be careful when stepping on it.

Concrete roof tiles
Making these types of tiles are still using ancient technology. No wonder if the roof is very heavy. Because of its weight, is not more people use it.

Excess tiles are glazed and not, glazed tiles can reflect sunlight. Therefore, critical of this type can make the temperature inside the house to be cooler. While the tiles are not diglazur able to stabilize the temperature inside the house so there is no drastic change in temperature.

After purchasing the tiles, determine the slope levels. This is important because it determines how strong the roof to keep rain water from leaking.

Levels of the general slope is 40 degrees. But for concrete roof tiles, the better the slope of 30 degrees so durable and not easily punctured.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
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Yeah, I agreed that have a beautiful home is dream of every people. So, mostly people interested to start their own real estate business. I learned a lot form this article.

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Yes, I do agree that having an ideal home is a dream of everyone yet it takes a lot of things to consider. Like what you posted this is really important factors that we should consider. I am impressed with your insights. Thank you for sharing.

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