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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arranging furniture Large in Limited Space

Arranging furniture Large in Limited Space
Large furniture can also be placed in a tiny room.
  • The rooms are luxurious look no means should have a large room. A relatively narrow space can be glamorous. The use of large-sized furniture and design can be applied wah.
  • Not always puts a big furniture in the room can make the room uncomfortable. Large furniture arranged correctly, though Kadan make space so dense, on the other hand can make a room more comfortable.
  • Comfort factor can be obtained as large furniture usually has a level of proper ergonomics for users. It also has a relatively more comfortable material for the body.
  • To keep the room was a cramped, the arrangement of the furniture must be maintained. Place the only type of furniture required. Locate in the center of the space or get together at one corner of the room alone. Thus, there remains a sufficient area for the circulation of people. The dining room at this photo for example. Although only the size 3mx2, 8m, he can perform no less luxurious than the larger dining room.

Modern luxury with classic style
  • Not all furniture designs can be used to obtain the impression of luxury. For a small room, to consider design options. Avoid choosing furniture that has a lot of detail and ornamentation. Therefore, large furniture, furniture modern classic style, could be an option. Because the furniture is usually fixed forward simple design, although it is still undeniably a classic.
  • In the dining room in this picture, a modern classic style comes through a set of dining table and chairs. Round table, one meter in diameter, placed in the middle of the room. Surrounded by four chairs decorated with studs on the back (Tufted button).
  • More viscous with luxurious upholstery option (upholstery) made from a type of soft velvet. See the dining room above. The presence of ornate crystal chandelier, supporting the impression of luxury you want to display. Similarly, the choice of container candles.

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