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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautify Your Home With the Garden Fish Pond

Beautify Your Home With the Garden Fish Pond
Minimalist home. Park is located in front of the house which is part of the house who was first to welcome guests. The interface needs to be organized neatly in line with the character of the occupants.
Reforming the concept of a minimalist home park is not just only about the plants. There can express with other elements. Like water for example. You can add a garden pond in front of your house.
Swimming is not just simply add to the beauty of a garden pond, but also affect the comfort of air. The existence of the pool to raise the humidity around it so that the air tends to be cooler.
Customize the form of swimming with your building style. If the building is likely to Ruman minimalist, make a garden with a minimalist style, too. Pretty box with natural stone finishing. To better your life can add a water fountain there.

Which produces the sound of gurgling water brings comfortable and homey atmosphere in your home. Choose several koi fish with interesting colors to diketakkan in the pond. In addition we pamper with the colors, koi fish also provide an element of life in the pond.
The atmosphere of the park in front of the cozy house which is certainly not only appeal to guests who come, but it also makes you stand for long on the front porch of your own home. Put a pair of wicker chairs minimalist style.
Add bearing on the stand. And the front porch of your house can become a favorite place in the time relaxing reading the newspaper while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tip choosing a computer desk for kids

Tip choosing a computer desk for kids 
As computer technology advances in media made for children to learn how to organize children's learning space equipped with computers in it the following table a little tip from us.
The existence of the right computer desk in a child's learning a lot can affect their enthusiasm for learning. Here are some tips for organizing and choosing your child's computer desk.
  1. Choose a computer desk with a size corresponding to the size of the room. Note also lay outnya with other furniture. Avoid laying the table computer that actually makes a memorable narrow room, so it is not convenient to place a child's learning.
  2. Choose a material with good quality for durability.
  3. If made of wood (solid wood furniture or wood, etc.), clean from dust and dirt every day. If exposed to water immediately wiped. For if not treated immediately will cause the finish to fade.
  4. Computer desk should be placed near a window or getting enough direct sunlight, so as not to require lighting the lamp at noon.
  5. Carefully lay the computer desk. Do not let the light back to the room so that the shadow does not cover the table. This causes the eyes become tired quickly.
  6. Study lamp should be placed where the light directly on the object so the object will look clear and not cause the eyes tired.
  7. If the child is left-handed, you should learn to put lights on the right. Place the lamp on the left if the child is not left-handed. It is intended to avoid the occurrence of shadows that can interfere with learning activities.
  8. Choose the type of lamp that suits your needs and has adequate light. Usually there are examples in the sale and purchase of furniture like this. Light bulb (tungsten) or incandescent lamps good for learning because the light is steady. However, because the yellow light causes less eye to see clearly in the colors. Fluorescent light was (fluoresence), good to see the colors because the white light as day light. Good place to sell furniture will usually provide this. But the weakness of this type of lamp is the light blinking frequently to be able to interfere with the learning activities.
  9. Choose a computer desk with an ergonomic size and height, according to the physical size of the child. Consider the convenience and safety factors, such as a soft material for the seat and seat back. It is very important to prevent fatigue, dizziness and fatigue.
  10. Also the possibility of child development so that the computer desk can be used in a long time (about 5-6 years old).
  11. can find a computer desk that has a second height for supportin. Look carefully at the height of leg braces, do not let your child's feet should be hanged. This will make the child uncomfortable and comfortable to linger at the table under on computer learning.
  12. adjustable seats, height adjustable. In addition to convenience can also follow the development of children.
  13. attractive furniture designs (in terms of both shape and color), do not be too stiff or formal. For example using bright colors or favorite colors so that children will be more motivated.
  14. place computer devices, such as monitor, pc, and other accessory with a neat, unobtrusive and safe for the child when the computer.

so a little tip from me, the picture in this post the original design of our products, we will help you design and make to order. Thank you.

Futuristic Designs Computer Desk picture

Futuristic Designs Computer Desk picture
picture desk at once unique computer desk:
Desktop Sync is a desk that has a shape like a desk that we usually find with a slightly futuristic design, but who would have thought that in this table is available a fairly complete computer in it.

By opening the top, you can find a single widescreen LCD monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse. The design also pay attention to the flow of hot air released by the CPU so that the temperature of the CPU will remain in normal circumstances.

With a table like this will provide convenience and if you are in need of a larger work space, you simply close the existing screen.source

Computer Desk innovative

Computer Desk innovative
A table design combined with the bookcase was designed by MisoSoup. With a simple form of visually and structurally, the shape of wooden computer desk is designed to be smooth and curved wall hangings are also

Saves Space
Such as shelves or other storage place, the furniture is designed so that users can sit flat on the surface of the wall so that fits in any work either in the bedroom, living room or office room is limited. However, it is not easy to get a long wood and then bend-bend as shown. Perhaps it could also make it a part.

This design is perfect for those of you who have a small space. Place the keyboard could be put under the table monitor and seat can also be put under the table when not in use. User's head above the bookcase, designed not so menonkol from hitting the user. source

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Funny seat Character In Children's Room

Funny seat Character In Children's Room

Using a funny chair berkakter can indeed be one way for parents to make children more comfortable at home. Apart from being one of the 'pull' that children become more comfortable at home, chair funny character can also be a unique decoration.

chair cute ladybug character
chair cute cow character

You can store a variety of cute character design chair in your room. Currently, there are a variety of chair designs that you can buy cute. Besides the designs are cute, you can also deliberately order a seat to the character or your child's favorite animal. One chair funny character who pretty much ordered the chair funny with the characters 'sheep'.

chair funny character made ​​from balloons

Chair funny character can be stored in your child's bedroom window. However, if your child is playing in the living room, you can also store this chair in the living room. Your child will love this chair and a wish for long sitting in the seat. Basically, there is no specific color that you can use this character in the chair funny. You just need to adjust the color and design chairs are made in accordance with the character.
Well, immediately save the current chair funny character!

Unique Pillows and Comfort Design

Unique Pillows and Comfort Design

Animal Pillow : Created by Aaron Stewart and Hornet Toys, comfortable pillow design features PillowPillowPillow doggies bow-wow-beautiful and snuggle-worthy kitties purrrfectly.

Pillows Dinosaur Bones : Life-sized replicas of real dinosaur bones made from soft rubber-coated foam.
Boombox Pillows : Back to the future with the uber 80's boombox pillow, 100% cotton.
Pillow Twitter : Calculate your followers and catch some Z, and when you wake up, and re-tweet tweet about how this is actually a stone pillow.
Stick Laptop Pillow : Built in a model of a pile of logs or beams, Log Laptop Pillow act as the primary stacked structure to support the computer and provide adequate comfort.
Adobe Icon Pillows : Now designers can rest their heads in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, InDesign or Dreamweaver pillow.
IPod Speaker Pillows Fruit : These speakers are not only luxurious pieces you play, they provide a great place to take a nap while you listen.
Nintendo WII Controller Pillow : Can not get enough of your Nintendo Wii? Now you can take it to bed with you, thanks to this giant plush pillow Wiimote. Now you can take it to bed with you, thanks to the Wiimote is a giant plush pillow
Pillow Fireside : Creative pillows made from 100% natural cotton and has a design printed on both sides.
Light cushion Hughabble : Innovative combination of ambient lighting and a pillow: great conversation piece or sunshine alternative during the winter months are dark.
Darth Vader Pillow : Joining the dark side with Darth Vader awesome pillow.
Tetris pillows : Brick puzzle this cuddly game inspired by the famous
Pillow Remote : With clever and contemporary pillow that comes with embroidered "labeled" pocket for remote control, you'll always know where your favorite gadget.
Pirate Skull Pillow : Shiver wood you are no more because this is a big skull and crossbones pillow is so soft and cuddly that you will forget all thoughts of evil pirates and fell into a dream world of Peter Pan instead.
NES Controller Pillow : Stylish pillow was inspired by the famous NES controller.
Pillow Ctrl + Alt + Del : Reboot your living room with three sets of pillows. Light gray pillows look as if they've jumped right off your keyboard. Light gray pillows look as if they had jumped directly from your keyboard.
Laptop Pillow : Nothing beats a laptop that lets you sleep on without getting keyboard marks all over your face.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arranging furniture Large in Limited Space

Arranging furniture Large in Limited Space
Large furniture can also be placed in a tiny room.
  • The rooms are luxurious look no means should have a large room. A relatively narrow space can be glamorous. The use of large-sized furniture and design can be applied wah.
  • Not always puts a big furniture in the room can make the room uncomfortable. Large furniture arranged correctly, though Kadan make space so dense, on the other hand can make a room more comfortable.
  • Comfort factor can be obtained as large furniture usually has a level of proper ergonomics for users. It also has a relatively more comfortable material for the body.
  • To keep the room was a cramped, the arrangement of the furniture must be maintained. Place the only type of furniture required. Locate in the center of the space or get together at one corner of the room alone. Thus, there remains a sufficient area for the circulation of people. The dining room at this photo for example. Although only the size 3mx2, 8m, he can perform no less luxurious than the larger dining room.

Modern luxury with classic style
  • Not all furniture designs can be used to obtain the impression of luxury. For a small room, to consider design options. Avoid choosing furniture that has a lot of detail and ornamentation. Therefore, large furniture, furniture modern classic style, could be an option. Because the furniture is usually fixed forward simple design, although it is still undeniably a classic.
  • In the dining room in this picture, a modern classic style comes through a set of dining table and chairs. Round table, one meter in diameter, placed in the middle of the room. Surrounded by four chairs decorated with studs on the back (Tufted button).
  • More viscous with luxurious upholstery option (upholstery) made from a type of soft velvet. See the dining room above. The presence of ornate crystal chandelier, supporting the impression of luxury you want to display. Similarly, the choice of container candles.

Building a Modern Minimalist House

Building a Modern Minimalist House 
For those of you who want to build a house, here are some tips taken from my experience. Hopefully useful for my friends if it will be building a house. 
  1. If you want to save money, better plan your own home interior design pictures with my husband / wife. There are many design software you can use. For example, microsoft visio technical (which I use because it is more user friendly), if more control can use autocad. Using visio is enough, stay later how to explain the images to design contractor and interior design contractor who will work on the house. 
  2. Drawings and design plans in advance musyawarahkan with a husband / wife, and if necessary with parents / in-law and artisans. This relates to land use and arrangement of the room is good. This is very important in making a new home, because the concept of each person can be different, better discussed together. 
  3. Select and design contractor and interior design contractor is good, if I could have known in advance or have never seen it work. This is very important because it relates to the quality of the homework. Because the house is occupied would like to wish durable and long lasting. Credibility is also important interior design contractor. Do not let the wrong choice and regret in the future. 
  4. Create a letter of agreement on a paper about the house work with builders / contractors. This is important regarding the rights and obligations of each party. There are several types of contracts, one contract per meter building (bulk materials and wages), there is a per meter wage (the wage contract), and others. Use the most suitable to you. 
  5. If you want to start building, please take care of IMB (Building permit) if you do not already have it. There should also be planned electric sign and make a well / bore when starting to build. 
  6. Plan your funds as much as possible. That is not to use the funds as much as possible but the use of existing funds as possible. Goods and materials to build a different kind and quality. This is where you need to be selective in buying and using goods on the market. If funds are not is certainly not limited to masasalah. If I was really a concern, because the funds for interior design contractor that we have is very limited. Can build up our stand was very grateful, although there are still many pending completion here and there. 
  7. Choose a place to buy goods or materials are nice and cheap. Each seller would have different prices. You can just search that matches the bag. 
  8. If you ask for the goods delivered to the house, just in time delivery predictions. Sometimes the time of delivery delays, this can cause the material can not be done by the contractor so that the interior of the house to delayed processing time. If possible, goods and materials already prepared one or two days before the interior contractor to do it. 
Maybe it had some tips from me. Kategory make my special in this blog to discuss the interior design small house being built.

Determine the design of the home building

Determine the design of the home building 
The style and shape of one's home usually reflects the tastes and desires. People who like something classic, like a house will usually classical architectural style. Similarly, those who like the simple things and simple, minimalist style house will love the coraknya sederhana.Kita were able to determine the pattern and style of home architecture design in accordance with the wishes and tastes. To achieve that, we can use the services of an architect. Those who will help realize our desire to design buildings that house you want. 
For maximum results, the homeowner and the architect need for cooperation and communication. It is important that ideas and desires of homeowners can properly and beautifully translated by the architect. 
Today, many architectural service companies who could we ask for help designing a house. About the price, of course can be discussed according to the agreement. If you have a friend or colleague who happened to work as an architect, certainly more convenient. In addition to lower cost, the process of communication and interaction that can be woven more closely and intensively. 
If using the services of architects, there are some things we need to note that the results of optimal design, namely: 
  1. Before you begin designing the architecture of the house, to say that we have the budget to the architect. It is important that architects can customize the design with our financial capabilities. 
  2. Discover the variety of architectural styles that exist and that we want to achieve in the home. Is it the style of Europe, the Middle East, or the style of Java. We could find from magazines, books, Internet sites, and other information sources. After determining the style of what we want, communicate with the architect. More clearly desires and style of building we want, the easier it is for the architect to make it happen in a building design. 
  3. Note that consideration be given advice and architects. If he considered the idea of ​​us not quite fit, then you should follow the opinion and advice. Do not push the idea if it even makes the architecture of the house became less fit or proper according to the assessment of the architect. 
  4. In the process of designing the architecture of the house is necessary discussions and good cooperation between us and the architect. Frequently hold discussions and exchange ideas that architects really understand what is your desire. 
  5. If the design of the architectural design of the house is finished, ask for a complete working drawings from the architect. This will greatly assist contractors when building a house according to the results of the design.

Tips adjust the layout of the aquarium at home

Tips adjust the layout of the aquarium at home
If you are decorating your home with some accessories that the addition of an aquarium can be one of the easiest and the most beautiful landscapes. If you have a taste for fish and water creatures, then it is very difficult to keep the aquarium as well. It is very easy to maintain and should not be done on a daily basis. Aquariums below are not any designer or company, who were elected in general, to give an idea of ​​what type of aquarium to suit your home.
This large aquarium suspension is soft elliptical space and Fridays angle large enough to act as a partition or screen to move naturally. Inside the aquarium, it isstill very interisting and trends in fashion. The 360-degree view allows you toaquatic life from all points of view to enjoy and create the illusion of space for youand the people. A high filtration system keeps the organic environment withminimal maintenance. The ocean biological piece inside the different styles of play, knowing what can be archived optical effect with different types and shapes of aquariums and lighting. these ideas for decorating your modern aquarium.

Hope this is useful as home design inspiration to build your dream house.
Thank you

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