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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Painting tips Material Wood

Painting tips Material Wood
If you have a wood ornaments, you should take care to prevent rapid deterioration. The easiest way to take care of the wood through the paint. Paint coating material is applied to the wood last. before applied with paint, wood needs to be treated in such a way through a series of preparatory process until it reaches a condition ready to be painted.

Usually the wood after painting sanded surface, you need to use wood as a primer married. If the condition of the wood that's already married plamir wood dries, the surface on the verge of sandpaper until smooth. Furthermore, the wood is ready to be painted as many as 2 layers to produce the sheen on the wood.

In addition, to get the perfect paint timber, preferably the surface to be painted should be flat and smooth. There are simple tips, to obtain the wood surface smoothness, try applying a single layer as much zincromate products. Zincromate itself an anti-corrosive primer for metal surfaces, but it has other benefits to adding wood surface smoothness.

Here's the right wood painting techniques:

  1. Wood surface sanded prior to flat and smooth.
  2. Stir until evenly priming.
  3. Brush it base paint to the wood surface by 2 ply.
  4. Once the wood surface dry, sanding back the surface so smooth.
  5. After that you can sweep as much as 2 ply wood paint anymore.

You can choose the type of wood paint to your liking, for example using a transparent timber of paint strokes accentuate the wood surface.

Exposed rock (Minimalist Style)

Exposed rock (Minimalist Style)
Minimalist style house, which was loved today, is a modern style adaptations including from abroad. But apparently, in Indonesia we often find minimalist style combined with elements of 'local', such as rock exposure.

The definition of rock exposure is the deliberate arrangement of rocks shown by appearance of the building, such as rocks are cut thin and arranged on the surface of the building wall. Rock exposure is generally used on the exterior of the building (outside), although there are many people who like rock element is present in the interior of the house. Many people love the idea of ​​using rock exposure because it makes the house feel more 'cold', cool and close to nature.

Rock looked like this, it reminds us of the natural impression of the true nature. No wonder, because the rocks are found in rivers, cliffs, mountains, around waterfalls, and other natural places. Apparently, the experience can also be combined with modern elements such as glass, plain walls and other natural materials, such as wood. It looks simple, and also have a strong character, also provide a unique look at the houses and other buildings.

Especially for minimalist home design, there are several options rocks are often used, such as andesite and stone temples. Both have a texture and appearance are almost the same, only more powerful and andesite rock solid than stone temple, but it better able to withstand the growth of moss.
Regarding the installation of rock exposure this way, continue reading this article.

How to install rock is usually chosen arrangement in line, to support a minimalist style that is used. Display striped form the composition like a brick arrangement. Sometimes the composition of rock exposure is quite innovative, such as the arrangement is irregular, intermittent, and so on.

To put this rock exposure on a minimalist style house, should we pay attention to the type of stone used. Since the 'minimalist' pretty much use neutral colors, the color of gray rock that black tends to quite fit with this style. Rocks such as sandstone and palimanan, quite appropriately used for the Mediterranean architectural style, classic or ethnic.

Do not forget to select an experienced handyman to install rock exposure, because this work requires skill and precision in installation. Once installed, these rocks can be given coatings, layers of rock in order to look better and easier to clean. Coating also makes it more resistant rock moss. Options available coatings are glossy (shiny), or a dove (opaque). The difference is visible sheen or blurred impression of rock surfaces that tend to reflect light or not.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tips arranging a comfortable crib

Tips arranging a comfortable crib

Getting the gift of a child is an incredible gift for any parent. As a form of expression of gratitude and happiness, all in preparation to welcome your baby must be carried out to the fullest. For example, by presenting infants comfortable bedrooms.
It is not too much if you know that most of the growth occurs in babies when the baby is sleeping. It is therefore necessary arrangements for parents to bring a comfortable bed for their babies.
Here are some tips to bring a cozy bedroom for your baby:

Make sure the crib you get some sunshine and good air circulation. The morning sun so the body and is also able to kill the germs. The existence of the window is very important as the entry of sunlight and air circulation.

Choose a mattress or foam that is a bit hard but still comfortable. Mattresses were a little hard very good for the growth of your baby's bones and muscles. Even if you want a comfortable bed does not mean you should choose a soft mattress or foam. Bed with foam is too soft it will make your baby's body sank so feared would result in injury to your baby.

Clean your baby's bedroom on a regular basis. Cleanliness of the room is maintained will prevent moisture and dust. A humid room is a comfortable place for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The amount of dust can also interfere with the respiratory tract. Use this sheet of cotton absorbs sweat easily. Install sheets properly. Fasten the sheets on all four edges, lest there are many folds sheets to avoid the closing of the baby's nose when the baby sleep on his stomach. Infants are particularly vulnerable to the disease because the immune system is still weak, therefore it is very important to keep our living environment is maintained clean.

Cots are efficient and functional. The beds were cots efficient means you are not only used for sleeping only, but will also serve as a place to store baby supplies, eg baby clothes, diapers, blankets, toiletries, powder, baby oil, and can also be used as a place to change diapers or dress your baby. Changing diapers and clothing certainly not done on a crib mattress because it can contaminate your bed. But it could provide its own place in the side with a fairly comfortable position for a parent or caregiver when it will be changing diapers or clothing.

Some designs crib above may be a reference or an idea for you in determining a comfortable bed for your baby.

Girls bedroom design

Girls bedroom design
In principle, there was nothing too distinguishing when we will organize a bedroom for boys and girls. But usually for a bedroom set for our daughter should be able to understand the characteristics, comfort and also their taste. Because the bedroom is a place for them to be able to rest and relax as much as possible of the interior rooms to create an atmosphere of fun and reassuring.

The colors are soft and light pastels like pink, light green, yellow and light blue room may be more suitable for girls. No need to be afraid too if need mixing and matching two or more colors. Combine elements of the interior with a maximum of three colors that are not too crowded. The white color again be one of the options that should be applied in combination with other colors. You can choose the color combination of white-pink-yellow, white-yellow-orange, white-green-blue ocean, white-or yellow-orange. To display a clean and modern impression should give white domination over another color.

Forms can dikreasikan bed with a unique shape fits your needs and wishes of children. For girls usually taste more like the shape of the curve compared to a square shape. Meanwhile, to enhance your bed can be equipped with a bed cover with cheerful motifs and colors that match the theme of the room.

Choosing colors for a child's bedroom may not be as easy as we imagine. We recommend that before deciding the color to be used, we can identify in advance the character and interests of our children. It could also be a way to ask them directly about what color she likes so that they feel involved, opinion is much appreciated and would be more like the new look of their rooms.

First determine the base color to be used. Then use another color as a combination. If you have any doubts, then piihlah white as the primary color. White is the universal color because it matches paired with other colors. Use a combination of up to three colors.

Wall color should be chosen in soft colors (pastels) such as light blue, light green, or light brown. Pastel colors are mild and bring brightness atmosphere. Very appropriate for the child's personality in childhood.

Selection of furniture should be selected with a simple model, not a lot of ornaments and carvings. Adjust the dimensions also match the size furniturenya gestures children. So that ensure children can freely reach their own goods for them.

Sweeten the look of the room on a room can be added girls doll ornaments or ornaments such as paintings or fancy princes character. Displaying the work of the child is also a good idea. This will add a sense of confidence and pride in themselves.

The bedroom is also often used as a place they play. Use plain with a carpet pad size is not too big. Thick carpet that will give more comfort to those on the move. Use the small rug, a maximum of 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Small carpet will only add to the beauty of its own in the room.

Modern minimalist design bedroom boys

Modern minimalist design bedroom boys
The bedroom as a place to rest thus has an important role in a child's stage of development. Not only as a place to unwind and relax, but the bedrooms also has a function for other activities such as; learning, reading, playing, or even a hobby.

If you like modern, minimalist design, the design of the bedroom a few examples below can be a reference for you. Here are some tips for a bedroom set for boys.

  1. The design of a multifunctional furniture. For example: use as a drawer under the bed clothes storage, staircase design in a terraced bed can also serve as a place penimpanan toy cabinet, or other equipment. The size of each drawer can be made with a width of approximately 46.5 cm, height 35 cm and a length of 62 cm. So the total for the four stacking drawer in a ladder arrangement can have a height of about 1.3 meters.
  1. Installation little ornaments, in accordance with the principles of minimalism. No need to show wall hanging is too crowded and flashy. Installation of one or two photo frames enough. To further add to the impression of dynamic images can be shown in the form of posters suitable theme hobbies and interests of the child. But keep in mind that the application is not too crowded and flashy. The combination of the three color between the wall and the furniture was enough room to display the beauty of a child's bedroom is minimalist.
  1. Maximize every space available. The space available would that be used more intelligently. Especially if the bedrooms will be occupied by two of our sons. More activities so that the width of the space required is also increasing. For mensiasatinya we can design a terraced beds and the use of multifunctional furniture as in the previous example. For a bed that does not rise, then we can still mensiaatinya with children wardrobe design that can accommodate most of the bed area. So some area of ​​the bed position is placed further inside the wardrobe furniture. This design is truly unique and efficient in the use of place. Other furniture such as desks, also needs to be organized in order to efficiently occupy space. For example, a face to face position in the table, or the same level and are in the same table. Whatever idea you choose will make sure that personal items your child is not confused with each other. There should be clear boundaries between goods and furniture from child to child other children. Because after all the children still need privacy as well as responsibility for the goods they have.
  1. Floor coatings. Regular use velvet carpet, plastic carpet, or evamats. But in principle, the use should be easy to cleaned. Well when will clean the floor and when it will clean the carpet itself. Use small rugs can be circular, oval, or square to taste. The use of small rugs in addition to ease in care are also able to add its own beauty in the room.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Tips for Durable Frame

Tips for Durable Frame

In order to remain durable, all items would need treatment.? No exception to the door frame and the window frame. Moreover, the location of upvc window sills are mostly in outdoor led upvc door frame is often hit by the sun's heat, dust, and rain tampias.

Ridwan Kamil, the architect said PT Urubane Bandung, upvc frames are aluminum door frame that does not require routine maintenance. Therefore, this type of window frames will not rust in a long time. In addition, aluminum window frame upvc also withstand sun and rain shower as well. Hence, this type upvc door frame need only minimal maintenance, simply wipe regularly. Andan Nadriasta architect of Eramuslim.com added to clean upvc aluminum frames simply use a damp cloth.

Three-quarter money, cast frame also does not require special treatment. The important thing is, doors or windows depending on when casting to be completely dry. Frames cast only takes care of coloring it. "If its paint faded, huh? paint live over again, "he said. Even so, Andan recommends that the cast frame was hit hard impact can cause damage. "For fixing frames cast is quite difficult," he said.

Muty Linggawaty, architects PT Karya Bumi Persada suggested, aluminum frame should not be affected so as not to damage any collision shape. Likewise with frames made of UPVC plastic alias. "Do not be an impact that is not broken," he said. This is different from the type of wood frame, Muty suggest, before being installed, the wood must be coated termite. In addition, the timber should also be given a coating alias mildew resistant coating. If the color of the wood began to dull, repainting the living do. But the paint used is not haphazard paint. Choose wood paints that are resistant to all weather.

According Muty, real wood frame treatment depends on the type of wood. There are two types of wood used in the house. For upscale, Samarinda camphor wood and teak wood could be an option. In the market the lower classes? There camphor wood Medan, Camphor Singkil, Meranti.

In order not to damage the wood core class, you should use a durable paint duco. Once the frame is attached, do not forget to put a layer of anti-termite. While treatments for wood frame is more difficult because of the lower classes requires minimal varnish. Routine checks should also be done to look for cracks that occur in wood. If cracked, you can patch it with putty.

So the household needs to be admitted to remembering important functions. Regarding other household items such as lights we need for engine generator, or a broken pipe in the house, we need a pipe distributor

Changing the Frame Termite Eaten

Changing the Frame Termite Eaten

Door frame / window is porous due to termites be quickly replaced. But it must not do so, because it will affect the construction of the frame.
Frames and shutters / doors from wood that has been porous due to termites, must be quickly replaced, before the damage spreads to other parts. But to replace it, must not be separated and waste! How easy it seems it needs a lot of fund.
What if funds are limited, but the replacement must be done immediately? There are simple ways to save but temporary beams are porous. While raising funds to replace the whole frame, the other way can be applied.
Another story when funds are available to replace the jamb or door / window is porous, pretty much. Changing the frame or leaf doors / windows can be done by replacing the model without changing the size of the old frame. Also, it can also be done by changing the size of the old frame. By the first, the old bars still can be reused. Funds needed would not be too big, because they do not buy a new trellis.
To find a replacement as what to do, should be seen to what extent the damage. Damaged frames, or leaves, or even both? The beam parts are porous? How many wooden beams to be replaced?

Cut and Remove

Now, what corrective measures if only frame loss? It turns easily. Frames do not have to be removed from the wall, simply cut the rotten part and replaced with a block of wood the same size. New beam was then placed on a porous beam former earlier.
Cutting wood like this could be done if only a few blocks a porous frame. Part of the beam cut off and discarded. But remember, the wood is not cut exactly on the very porous, but exceeded approximately 5 cm. Instead, choose a good wood and cut as needed. Pieces are then placed on a wooden frame and nailed old. Furthermore, this section ready to be finishing.
Now, what if one of the beams of the frame stems are hollow? Means the beam is broken the frame needs to be replaced. Replacement of the beam to the frame stems not simply cut off part of the beam. To do this, the beams are rotten and need to be removed from the unit angkurnya frame it. After that, clean this part of the wood pieces are porous. Then put the new beams had been prepared, complete with angkurnya. Finally, trim back wall adjacent to the beam frame with mortar.
This method can be used if the number of blocks that need to be replaced not more than 25% of the frame. Suppose the beam to be replaced more than 25%, then it is better sills replaced in their entirety.

Only model Replaced

What if the condition of the frame is still good but the leaves are damaged? This can be overcome by replacing the leaves with the old model. The model should be replaced as long as the leaf size, same as the old one. But if the frame is damaged more than 25% and the leaves still in good condition, meaning their frames should be replaced. However, changing the model frame means also changing the model leaves (though not necessarily replace the existing railings).
For example, a glass window openings fitted with glass on it. First, railings installed in the hole and opening windows. Now, after the model is changed, the old railings can still be installed in its place. Although such openings in the top of the window is no longer open glass alias. Shutters that had been insulated with a rectangular pattern, for example, now used as shutters without insulation. This, too, can still utilize the old trellis. Size sills, shutters and railings do not need to be replaced; models are replaced.
In essence, the model replacement door frame / window, it can be done with a minimum seek replacement material already. Eventually, this will minimize the costs to be incurred.

Angkur Shall Remain Listed

Although the beam was cut and replaced, anchor doors / windows retained. It would be better if they are replacing an intact girder. Although the beam is broken only 20% of the overall length of the beam, the beam would be better if the frame is replaced one rod. In addition to ensuring that termites do not actually exist in the beam, as well as to ensure the strengthening of the frame remains intact and strong enough.

The beams are new and are ready to install given the anchor, and then mounted on the old frame, which is attached to the wall. Notches on new wood that has been given anchor should enter into a long wooden notch. Make sure the new timber is fitted with the proper and correct, and is not going to change the location again. Then, a new masonry installed on the original. Leave it for a few days, so pretty loud mortar masonry and beams frame the new one does not move anymore. Safety beams can be removed and finishing.

It's Okay Size Modified

It's OK to change the size of the frame, but the consequences of changing leaves and teralisnya. That is, the amount spent will be quite large. In planning a new frame again, need to consider the size of the wall that will be sills, function space, and the size of the space.
Hopefully, door / window new architectural elements that can be noticed aspects of the physics building. Aperture shape can be changed as you wish, such as a door opening to 180 ยบ hinge can be replaced by a sliding door, or a window with hinges at the top can now use the hinge side or bottom. However, that still needs to be considered is the air circulation through it.
Frame changed size and shape can be more flexible in its planning. But, still must consider the size of the wall will be a place to put the doors / windows. Do not let the sills and shutters / doors has been ordered to a certain size, it can not be installed because the file size is too large. Make sure in advance the size of the existing wall before planning a door / window you want. The new frame size is also not too small compared to the existing space. This is because the space needed air and sufficient sunlight.
No need to panic if you see a frame loss. There are some solutions that can be used as funds are available. Can select a temporary with funds that are not expensive, or select the funds expended a little more expensive, but with a "bonus": models and sizes may change in accordance with the breadth and function space.

Unique window

Unique window
Share a unique window design that is in the world of various buildings. but have the same fu ngsi normal windows in general. following examples may be useful unique window design

house design bamboo

House design bamboo 
House design there is a lot that is in our country, many of the emerging home design traditional designs to modern designs. exact design of the building of bamboo is very exciting for us to see .. a few examples taken, from the documentation we refer

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