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Friday, January 4, 2013

Tips for Durable Frame

Tips for Durable Frame

In order to remain durable, all items would need treatment.? No exception to the door frame and the window frame. Moreover, the location of upvc window sills are mostly in outdoor led upvc door frame is often hit by the sun's heat, dust, and rain tampias.

Ridwan Kamil, the architect said PT Urubane Bandung, upvc frames are aluminum door frame that does not require routine maintenance. Therefore, this type of window frames will not rust in a long time. In addition, aluminum window frame upvc also withstand sun and rain shower as well. Hence, this type upvc door frame need only minimal maintenance, simply wipe regularly. Andan Nadriasta architect of Eramuslim.com added to clean upvc aluminum frames simply use a damp cloth.

Three-quarter money, cast frame also does not require special treatment. The important thing is, doors or windows depending on when casting to be completely dry. Frames cast only takes care of coloring it. "If its paint faded, huh? paint live over again, "he said. Even so, Andan recommends that the cast frame was hit hard impact can cause damage. "For fixing frames cast is quite difficult," he said.

Muty Linggawaty, architects PT Karya Bumi Persada suggested, aluminum frame should not be affected so as not to damage any collision shape. Likewise with frames made of UPVC plastic alias. "Do not be an impact that is not broken," he said. This is different from the type of wood frame, Muty suggest, before being installed, the wood must be coated termite. In addition, the timber should also be given a coating alias mildew resistant coating. If the color of the wood began to dull, repainting the living do. But the paint used is not haphazard paint. Choose wood paints that are resistant to all weather.

According Muty, real wood frame treatment depends on the type of wood. There are two types of wood used in the house. For upscale, Samarinda camphor wood and teak wood could be an option. In the market the lower classes? There camphor wood Medan, Camphor Singkil, Meranti.

In order not to damage the wood core class, you should use a durable paint duco. Once the frame is attached, do not forget to put a layer of anti-termite. While treatments for wood frame is more difficult because of the lower classes requires minimal varnish. Routine checks should also be done to look for cracks that occur in wood. If cracked, you can patch it with putty.

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