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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Painting tips Material Wood

Painting tips Material Wood
If you have a wood ornaments, you should take care to prevent rapid deterioration. The easiest way to take care of the wood through the paint. Paint coating material is applied to the wood last. before applied with paint, wood needs to be treated in such a way through a series of preparatory process until it reaches a condition ready to be painted.

Usually the wood after painting sanded surface, you need to use wood as a primer married. If the condition of the wood that's already married plamir wood dries, the surface on the verge of sandpaper until smooth. Furthermore, the wood is ready to be painted as many as 2 layers to produce the sheen on the wood.

In addition, to get the perfect paint timber, preferably the surface to be painted should be flat and smooth. There are simple tips, to obtain the wood surface smoothness, try applying a single layer as much zincromate products. Zincromate itself an anti-corrosive primer for metal surfaces, but it has other benefits to adding wood surface smoothness.

Here's the right wood painting techniques:

  1. Wood surface sanded prior to flat and smooth.
  2. Stir until evenly priming.
  3. Brush it base paint to the wood surface by 2 ply.
  4. Once the wood surface dry, sanding back the surface so smooth.
  5. After that you can sweep as much as 2 ply wood paint anymore.

You can choose the type of wood paint to your liking, for example using a transparent timber of paint strokes accentuate the wood surface.

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